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Needless to say, 2020 has been a different year for everyone and nothing went as planned at the beginning of the year. While most of the people had to stay at home, the ones directly related to healthcare and essential service sectors had to work for longer hours. When it comes to the top products in the Health & Fitness sector, we have seen a change in the shopping habits of the audience of TOI Most Searched Products. People focussed on hygiene products like sanitizers and disinfectants throughout the year to make sure that their surroundings are safe. While masks and devices like oximeters were bought all around the year, the buying pattern changed as the months passed.

To help you understand how the year went for us in Health & Fitness, we have a list of some of the top-selling products for you. If you do not own any of these healthcare essentials, get one before it is too late.

Healthcare Devices

Unlike the regular shopping pattern of BP monitors and glucometers when it comes to healthcare devices, 2020 witnessed a huge sale of pulse oximeters. Offered by various brands, these devices usually range between Rs 2,000-4,000 and help you to monitor your blood oxygen levels and pulse rate. Besides this, many MSP users even bought electric vaporizers and steamers in large numbers. There was even a spike seen in the sale of infrared thermometers as compared to previous years to monitor body temperature from a distance.

Here are some of the top-selling products from TOI Most Searched Products-

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Anti-pollution masks

You must be aware that masks were sold widely throughout the year in 2020. However, the shopping pattern varied with the passing months. At the beginning of the year, MSP audience bought both regular N95 and N99 masks widely. However, as the months passed by, people started using more of the masks with breathing valves. Towards the end of the year, we can even see an increase in sales of disposable masks.

Here are some of the top products for TOI Most Searched Products of the year:-

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Disinfectant & sanitizers

Undoubtedly, there has been a surge in the sale of hand sanitizers and surface disinfectant in this year. TOI MSP users bought all sizes of sanitizer bottles and disinfectant sprays depending on their needs and the discount offers available online. Besides disinfectant sprays, wipes were even sold that allowed people to easily clean surfaces when they are on the go.

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Weight loss products

Like every year, weight loss products had been in a demand throughout 202. However, there was a change in the buying pattern of TOI MSP audience. Instead of buying major fitness gear that helped in weight loss, most of the MSP users preferred going for small accessories that can even be used at home. Besides this, there was even an increase in the sale in fat burners towards the end of the year when gyms started reopening in different parts of the country.

Have a look at the top weight loss products sold from TOI Most Searched Products in 2020-

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Toilet and intimate hygiene products

2020 was a year when the entire world focused on hygiene products. And, during this time, people did not forget to pay attention to intimate hygiene products. During the start of the year, there was a huge sale of toilet seat sanitizers offered by different brands and in different fragrances. Besides this, intimate washes for men and women were sold throughout the year.

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