4 Breakfast Sandwiches No One Should Have Anymore In 2021 (They Slow Down Your Metabolism SO Much!)

It’s inevitable that at least once in your life you’ll find yourself in the middle of a busy morning without any time to make yourself breakfast at home. While one meal from a fast food restaurant isn’t going to ruin your healthy lifestyle, regularly eating breakfast at chain restaurants is a recipe for disaster when it comes to feeling good in your body.

There are plenty of viable options of foods to order at any given restaurant that won’t act as a bomb to your stomach, but there are also some menu items which should be avoided at all cost, regardless of the circumstances. In order to protect your body and overall health, these are the four breakfast sandwiches you should steer clear of.


Starbucks Sausage & Cheddar Classic Breakfast Sandwich


Although Starbucks does offer a variety of healthy breakfast options, this sandwich is not one of them. Processed foods are one of the biggest factors standing in the way of weight loss, and loaded with cheese and processed meat, even 19g of protein does little to offer any nutritional value to this breakfast option. Additionally, an excess of sodium has been known to cause bloating and water retention, likely leaving you uncomfortable not long after eating your meal. 

500 calories / 19 g protein / 0 g fiber / 920 mg sodium



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McDonald’s Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddle® 


Boasting even more sodium than the Starbucks option, this sandwich offers you little nutritional benefit from sausage as well. While egg does provide slightly more protein, the pancake-esqe bun this sandwich is served on does little to keep you full or satisfied, instead overloading you with carbs and likely craving more unhealthy food later in the day. 

560 calories / 20 g protein / 2 g fiber / 1,360 mg sodium




Wendy’s Sausage, Egg & Cheese Biscuit

Increasing the calories and sodium content even further, this biscuit sandwich is just as processed as its McDonald’s counterpart. It does offer 21g of protein, but with such a hefty sodium count, you can almost guarantee bloating and discomfort later, followed by intense hunger not long after eating–this sandwich will likely not tide you over to your next meal. Additionally, while healthy fat is vital for a well balanced diet, saturated fat provides none of the same benefits. 

630 calories / 21 g protein / 46 g fat / 1,520 mg sodium




Burger King Double CROISSAN’WICH with Sausage

Double on anything is likely never a good idea, and the two sausage patties on this sandwich are no exception. Packed with an overload of calories from processed meat and more than half of the daily recommended sodium content, this sandwich does little to fulfill your nutritional needs and will likely sit poorly in your stomach while simultaneously failing to tide you over. Even on your hungry days there are much better options to be had. 

710 calories /  29 g protein / 52 g fat / 1,420 mg sodium



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