4 Hormonal Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

Your hormones play quite a big role in weight loss (or lack thereof).

Here are 4 major hormonal issues that I see again and again with my female clients:

High Cortisol – Often caused by stress and correlates with blood sugar dysregulation. High cortisol can resolve by reducing stress and prioritizing macro-friendly (balanced) meals. Managing stress is easier said that done: Delegate, say no, ask for help, plan for self-care activities you enjoy.⁠

Estrogen Dominance – Once again, a result of high stress as well as wonky liver and gut function. Excess caffeine, alcohol, sugar, exposure to toxins and processed foods also don’t help. Getting enough sleep as well as eating cruciferous veggies and proper supplementation can help balance you out.⁠

Low Thyroid – Frequently overlooked by most General Practitioners as it is not typically checked unless they run a full panel. Your thyroid health is key to a well-functioning metabolism and fat loss. Ask your doctor for a full panel and if they won’t do it, contact me!⁠

Insulin Resistance – Caused by poor diet, hormonal imbalances, lack of exercise, and high stress. I often see insulin resistance go hand-in-hand with stubborn belly fat. Get proper hormonal testing and balance your nutrition with protein, fat, and low glycemic carbs. Intermittent Fasting may help in certain situations as well. ⁠

Each one of these issues is easily remedied once they’re identified. It’s getting them identified that is the tricky part.⁠ Most doctors will dismiss these symptoms as a ‘normal’ part of getting older, but in reality, they are not normal and there are ways to reverse them with nutrition and lifestyle changes before experiencing long-term and/or permanent damage.⁠⁠

Inside the Master Your Metabolism Mentorship, you’ll learn how your symptoms can help you identify potential hormonal imbalance and what to do about it. (There’s also an opportunity to test your hormones via the Dutch Test for an additional charge.) You’ll also learn how your nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle choices can boost (or hinder) your results. The goal is to work WITH your hormones, not against them!

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