5 Healthy & Nutritious Diet Plans You Could Add To Your List This 2021

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Health is all we are concerned about. As we know, in order to keep our body healthy we have to do 70% diet and 30% exercises.

Here are 5 types of diet plans which you can include in your daily lifestyle to stay healthy.

1) Intermittent fasting

In Intermittent fasting, we can reduce the calorie intake by restricting the time we get to eat. Intermittent fasting can help you in weight loss unless you intake more in the duration in which you are allowed to eat more.

2) Vegan diets

In Vegan diet, we have to restrict all the animal products and animals derived products like dairy, honey, gelatin.

Vegan diet help to reduce chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

3) Low carbs diets

In Low carbs diet, we need to restrict carbs intake rooting to protein and fat. Low card diet is also known as Keto diet.

Keto diet helps to lose weight as they use fatty acid from our body for energy by converting them into Ketones.

4) Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet recommends us to eat more vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, legumes, whole grains, extra virgin olive oil and seafood.

Its keeps us healthy and reduces the risk of premature death and heart disease.

5) Paleo diet

In the Paleo diet, we have to eat whole foods, lean meats, seeds, vegetables and nuts. This diet helps to reduce high blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides level.

Try the following diets to stay healthy in 2021.

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