Aiko Melendez shares secret to youthful glow, weight loss

MANILA — Aiko Melendez trended on social media this week as fans and fellow celebrities praised her slimmer figure and younger looking glow. 

In an Instagram post, the actress shared some of her secrets behind her new look.

She cited eating keto food delivery, doing regular exercises at home, and consuming cacao drinks, among others.

“Hi guys, thank you for making me trend yesterday and for the wonderful comments,” she said.

“I’m happy to inspire a lot of people who almost gave up on their weight loss journey. It is never too late,” she added, pointing out that she did not wear any makeup in her now-viral photo.

Many celebrities praised Melendez for her radiant glow, with Sharon Cuneta saying that she seems to be aging backwards.

“Sis, umandar ang clock pabalik? Super youthful and beautiful!” Cuneta said.

“Bagets!” added singer Zsa Zsa Padilla. 

Actors Gabby Eigenmann and Wendell Ramos, for their part, called Melendez “fresh” and “gorgeous,” respectively.

In June last year, Melendez showed off the results of her low-calorie diet.

She said she went as low as 500 calories per day on her first month. 

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