Amazon Deal of the Day: 6 Dry fruits you must have every morning for a healthy living

Want to eat more and still stay in shape? Then here is what you must be eating every day. Check it out!

What if we tell you that eating dry fruits every day can solve half of your life problem? Yes, you heard that right. From premature greying of hair to healthy skin to weight loss, dry fruits have the power to make all your dreams come true. It not only makes sure you look good but also feel good by boosting up your energy and stamina. So if you are someone waking up to laziness then you know what to eat after a glass of water. If you love binge eating while binge-watching your Netflix series, instead of draining your energy by munching unhealthy snacks, opt for dry fruits so that your taste buds and body are both satisfied. 


Almonds are a very good source of energy-encouragers like riboflavin, manganese and copper.  They are highly nutritious and rich in healthy fats, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, also almonds are high in protein and fibre.  Almonds help improve digestion, weight loss and regulate blood pressure. They are naturally low in sugar and unhealthy fats.

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Dry figs are something that you can’t stop eating. They are extremely tasty and is also a  nutritious snack and good for stamina.  They are rich in beneficial nutrients including vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, and chlorine which helps you improve your overall look. Well, we could actually say that a fig a day keeps the doctor away!

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Dates contain significant amounts of minerals making them a superfood for inner strength. The properties it owns also helps in solving premature greying of hair, saggy skin and low energy. Eat them for your snacks or as a breakfast with milf to make you 3 times stronger and sharper.

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Pistachios are especially rich in phytosterols, which help in lowering cholesterol levels. It is a good source of copper, magnesium, potassium, vitamins and phosphorus. Buy this delicious crispy tasty and lightly salted low sodium pistachios to eat healthy snacks every day and to stay healthy.

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The next time you spit out the seeds while eating the watermelon, think twice! Being a great source of zinc, iron, magnesium and low calories they can be taken in large amounts and will taste better if it’s little salted and roasted. 

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Cashews are rich in dietary fibre and protein. It contains vitamin B5, B6 and B1 and can be used in your protein shake to help you maintain the muscle-building elements. The cashew nut can be eaten raw, roasted or salted, a quick snack that can be carried to work, office or gym.

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