“Before hiring Tina, I thought I might have been going insane.”

Let me tell you about one of my clients…

Losing weight after her first pregnancy was easy but the second one threw her for a loop. Rather than losing weight, she was gaining… no matter how much she exercised or how little she ate. Her periods were irregular, she was losing her hair, she suffered from bad skin, insomnia, and mood swings. She couldn’t eat ANYTHING without feeling bloated and her sex drive was at zero.

​Her doctors ordered blood work and tests galore, but everything kept coming back ‘normal’. According to all the indicators she was healthy, but she certainly didn’t feel that way.

​I told her to first cut back on exercising and next, up her calories.​Because of my own experience and the experiences of so many of my clients, after just one call, I had a pretty good idea of what we needed to do.

​Within just weeks her hair stopped falling out, her energy level improved, her skin started clearing up. Her sex drive even came back!

​After three months, her period returned and at the 4-month mark, despite EATING MORE and EXERCISING LESS, she began LOSING WEIGHT!


After years of doctors, tests, and frustration, she was finally seeing the results she knew were possible.

She currently tracks protein and fiber while eating her favorite foods. She is seeing consistent weight loss despite her higher calories and reduced exercise schedule. She even enjoys the occasional glass of wine!

​More than the weight loss, she is enjoying her life!

​This is why I do what I do. It is my passion to help women change their lives for the better. There’s no reason to feel ‘bad’ all the time. Not if there is an easy, sustainable solution.

​We only have a few spots left for 1:1 coaching in January. If you want one of them, now is the time to act. We only take a small handful of clients each year.

Apply and set up your discovery call to learn more about our coaching and testing options!

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