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Billie Eilish reveals she used diet pills (AP)

Billie Eilish reveals she used diet pills | AP

The famous singer Billie eilish revealed the effects she suffered from consuming diet pills since she was 12 years old, as it seems that the reason why the singer always wears loose clothing goes beyond what you imagine.

It is known by all that the singer Billie Eilish prefers to wear loose clothing in order to hide her feminine figure, however, this has only increased people’s interest in knowing what her body really is like.

Billie Eilish represents a new type of idol who takes refuge in introspection and who lives far from the media spotlight.

In fact, except for when she receives an award, it is not very common to see Billie Eilish at parties or surrounded by professional colleagues, since for her, her refuge is at home with her family.

It is for that reason that in an interview for a magazine of international stature, he revealed a fact from his past related to the diet pills that he took since he was 12 years old and the effects he suffered.

I remember taking a pill that they told me would make me lose weight and it only made me pee in bed, when I was 12 years old. It’s crazy, “revealed Billie in the interview.

This is how she also assures that she was starving in order to lose weight, and even hurt herself.

He wasn’t really eating. I was starving. I think the people around me were more concerned than I was, because the reason he used to cut me was because of my body, “he said.

Billie has once again shown herself clear, as she always is, although this time she made this revelation that has surprised her followers a lot.

To be quite honest, I just started wearing baggy clothes for my body, ”she explained to the outlet about her outfits.

Although in describing the growth he has had with his image, I point out that these days he fortunately has a healthier mentality compared to his early teenage years.

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And it is that you just have to remember how her breasts were talked about when she was seen wearing a tank top or, more recently, how the internet was primed with her when she saw her leave the house with comfortable clothes and without fixing.

Insults related to his weight filled social networks, something to which Billie eilish he replied with a clear message of self-acceptance.

Unfortunately, the complexes with her body are something that this young artist has been dealing with for years and that has been torture throughout her life.

Three years ago I was in the middle of my horrible bodily relationship, dancing a lot, five years ago … I really wasn’t eating ”, admitted Billie Eilish, who spent several years dedicated to dancing, a passion that she had to give up due to an injury.

The singer, who suffers from an auditory processing disorder and was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome, has commented in her interview that she took weight-loss medication and that it had some undesirable side effects.

But that’s not all, since at the same age she was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome and in fact it was in November 2018 that the singer told through her Instagram account that she has suffered from the syndrome since she was a child, a neuropsychiatric disorder characterized by occurrence of multiple involuntary, rapid and sudden tics; usually on the head or neck.

The frequency and modality of the tics is changeable and can even go by for a long period of time without them occurring. Also, tics that are not related to the syndrome may appear.

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