Chia Seeds –Nature’s Super Food

Do you want to feel full through the day without adding extra calories in your diet? Do you know that you can replace nearly half the butter/fat in all your favorite recipes? Do you know there are age-defying anti oxidants which can help fight maladies that are common in today’s world? One seed, which has all the above magical powers, the name of the seed is chia seed.

What are chia seeds?

Chia seeds are little seeds which are used for hair growth on sponge Bob and to have Obama style chia pets. They do have more potential when compared to any average decorative fixture. These seeds are tasteless and can be included in various meals such as salad dressing, breakfast and smoothies. These seeds do contain high quantity of Omega 3’s which is comparatively higher than seeds such as flax seeds. This seeds when soaked do become awesome source of fiber.

How does a chia seed work on the body?

Chia seeds act in a similar way as diet pills they are designed in such a way that they can be in jested in the human body. When this liquid comes into contact they in turn expand largely than their actual size. They are almost gelatin like substances which fill the stomach. The dieter does feel full .Dieter does not feel hungry; neither does the dieter feel tempted to eat food. This technique is very effective

What is the right amount?

There is no right amount, it is different for different individuals depending health state .Patients who complain of low blood pressure should consult doctor for the correct dosage because chia seeds will helps in reducing blood pressure if taken regularly.

Generic name: Chia seeds.

Various forms: Chia seeds are available in varied forms they include chia seeds oil capsules, organic white and black chia seeds, natural seed extract, chia seed oil.

What are the varied benefits offered by chia seeds?

Few of the benefits of chia seeds are listed below

Weight reduction without dieting: Chia contains gelling action which makes the patient feel full for long hour. There is loss of appetite hence less intake of calories which will help reduce weight.

Blood sugar level balance: It is important to maintain blood sugar level. Whenever patients consume high starchy foods and sweets their sugar level increases this leads to slumps and make you feel tired. When patients maintain blood sugar level patients lower the risk of type 2 diabetes but also helps in maintain constant energy.

Feel full :Chia seeds are good resource of soluble fibers which can easily made to gel thus consumption of fiber become easy and also it helps patients feel full.

Omega 3 in your diet: By intake of Chia seeds which are the richest available plant source of omega 3.Omega 3 content are more in Chia seeds than in salmon .Omega 3 helps in maintaining cholesterol health.

Feeling of energized during the day: It is having proteins which are plant based. This will help patients to feel steadier and energized.

Baking possible with less fat: When Chia gel is used, it tastes the same as using butter and oil but it equals only half the butter in various recipes used for baking which cakes, cookies and muffins, waffles.

Baking possible with less anti-oxidant: Chia seeds contain high anti- oxidants .These antioxidants help fight the production of free radicals, which would damage cell molecules responsible for aging & diseases like cancer.

Helps in reducing food craving: Chia do contain more calcium than whole milk .Chia also consists other minerals such magnesium, boron, which actually help in absorption of vitamins and also calcium.

Helps in adding flavorful punch: Chia seeds do not have any flavor, neither do have a taste of its own .It has potential to hydrate, magnify the taste of any recipe to which is added. They help in distributing and not involve in diluting the flavors.

Money Saving : Chia seeds are sold at very less price. Almost one month stock can be brought by spending only a small amount. Thus patients who usually buy diet pills can switch to Chia seeds which are inexpensive.

What are the side effects of usage of chia seeds?

Some of the side effects of Chia seeds are as follows

• Patients suffering already from gastrointestinal disruptions feel worse. High fiber in the seeds is the main cause for patients to suffer from gas, stomach problems and bloating.

• Patients complain of difficulty in breathing.

• Patients complain of Diarrhea.

• Patients complain of allergy, adverse reactions such as hives skin rashes, swelling of tongue, throat and mouth.

• Patients do complain of watery eyes.

• Patients do complain of vomiting.

• Patients who are planning surgery and are using blood thinners should consult doctor before using Chia seeds.

• Study revealed that especially male patients are more prone to prostate cancer. So chia seeds intake should be avoided by males.

• Patients who have low blood pressure should avoid Chia seeds because this will result in a reduction in diastolic blood pressure.

• Female patients who are pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid intake of Chia seeds .Study revealed that only few adverse effects were reported.

• Patients also complain of addiction .So Chia seeds should be taken at intervals.

Chia seeds are considered nature’s super food. They do not have their own flavor and can be easily added to your diet, which will distribute the flavor and enhance it does not dilute it. Patients feel energized they help in achieving different goals which can health, nutrition and diet.

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