Daisy May Cooper weight loss: Comedy star’s slim figure amid husband split claims

Daisy May turned to the popular keto diet to shed weight. The high-fat low-carb diet has been attributed to many weight loss success stories.

The actress is most recognisable for appearing in BBC sitcom This Country, alongside her brother Charlie.

The award-winning comedy is a mockumentary about rural Britain, following cousins Kerry and Lee “Kurtan” Mucklowe.

In an amusing post to her Instagram recently, Daisy wrote: “To all my gorgeous s****. Just a reminder to keep living your best life.”

She held up a can of a gin and diet tonic, wearing a pretty dress in the back of a taxi.

Ketosis is when the body burns fat as its primary source of fuel, rather than carbohydrates.

This includes burning through stored-up body fat.

Another pro weight loss diet tip includes eating fermented foods. 

Dr Michael Mosley claims it is his ultimate diet tip to lose weight.

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