Del Hall Loses 18kg After Drinking Beer Instead Of Eating For Lent

Del Hall, from Cincinnati, started his mission way back on pancake day, and since then he’s had beer, tea, coffee and water and has ended up losing a whole lot of weight.

At this stage I’d like to point out that this is NOT an advisable way to lose weight, but Del wasn’t just doing it for that reason.

Credit: Del Hall
Credit: Del Hall

Speaking to Fox News 19, the brewery owner said: “I was looking forward to the weight loss, I was looking forward to how my body felt and I was looking forward to raising some money.

“And all those things came to fruition so I’m extremely happy with how this year turned out.”

Although it’s not his first go, this year he decided to raise money for bar and restaurant workers who have been hit during the Covid-19 pandemic.

So far, he’s raised more than $12,000 (£8,600), which he will give out to 43 bars and restaurants in his local area. He also wants to raise more in the next few weeks with the aim of giving each business $500 each to share with their employees.

Hall said: “If I can walk into 43 bars and restaurants and I can put $500 additional dollars into their tip jars, that’s a big win.”

So far, he has finished 230 beers, having drank between three and five a day. And while it’s not the usual way to lose weight, he’s noticed it falling off him, having gone down three trousers sizes, from an XXXL to an XL.

Del broke his fast at 00.01am today (4 April) as Lent came to a close, and his first meal wasn’t as indulgent as you would expect.

Speaking on Good Friday (2 April), he said: “I am so excited. This afternoon I’m going to go grocery shopping, and I haven’t been grocery shopping in over a month. So, I know I am going to make my special home-made guacamole. I make a killer guac. And I’m going to have a margarita.”

He added: “I’m not going to have a beer with it.”

You can donate to Del’s fundraiser here.

Speaking to LADbible in 2019 after a previous beer diet – inspired by the fasting rituals of 18th century Bavarian monks – came to an end, Del said: “I’m feeling great! I went from 292.5 to 248.5. I lost 44 pounds. Not a single cheat! I plan to continue to lose weight through a protocol of intermittent fasting and portion control.”

Speaking about his health improvements, he added: “My cholesterol went down, my blood pressure went down, and my blood sugar went down. All improvements.”

Del described how he would drink two to five beers a day and wouldn’t necessarily have a morning bev because he isn’t much of a breakfast person.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, he said: “I normally have my first beer some time in the afternoon and I might have one whenever I’m feeling a bit peckish.”

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