Dietician Sai Mahima is here to change word ‘Dieting’ forever!

People often think that eating less is directly related to weight loss. However, with Sai Mahima, you just need to enjoy the variety of Healthy yet Tasty meals to lose weight and achieve a better lifestyle without eating less. With clients spread across 38 countries she is here to get back the chapatis in our daily life. Going salt free/ going gluten-free/daily free to reduce your weight is not what she is here for. She has been practicing for about 8 years now and has managed to provide outstanding services to her clients.

The word ‘Dieting’ is synonymous with crash and fad diets like Keto Diet, GM Diet, Atkins Diet, but these never become your lifestyle. Also trends like going gluten free, lactose free or having salt food free turns out to be futile as it cannot be sustained for life. The day we stop it will make us start gaining the weight again. Hence its best to work towards building a lifestyle than just following a Diet.

Few Points to keep in mind:

• Never skip dinner because you thought that it would burn some fat while you sleep. She recommends having a full course meal, never compromising on the staple food at dinner.

• Homemade food will do wonders only if it consists of the right amount of nutrition and fibre. Grab a plate with Rice, Dal and a combination of fruits and vegetables to your liking!

• Keep yourself hydrated all day

• Go seasonal! Have seasonal fruits and vegetables as much possible

Apart from the tips, she also has a number of YouTube videos to bring back the essence of traditional cooking. These are perfect for people who enjoy eating without the fear of gaining the next day! Some of the favourites from the list are Wheat Cake, Murmura Tikki and Makhana chat. Are you a sweet tooth? Worry not, Sai Mahima has the best Mango pudding recipe!

Sai Mahima also specialises in treating PCOD patients. Women have been going through a very hard time coping up with such hormonal changes, but now Mahima has got your back! She has treated 20000+ Clients. She was awarded the Best ietician in Gurgaon award in 2018 and Best dietician in Delhi NCR award in 2019. She has achieved a lot of success in this time period but according to her biggest achievement is to see her clients achieve their goals and the looking as the confidence that brings in them.

It gets very hard to maintain our diets especially when we have a busy schedule. Sai Mahima proposes to boost your metabolism with the help of a diet plan that is especially designed to work for you. Every person has different body requirements according to their weight, height and medical issues. She plans to improve the lives of millions starting out with a thousand. What use is her profession if she is unable to positively influence others? Get a hold of your personal diet plan today from Sai Mahima at the very affordable cost of Rs2500/- a month. She can make sure that you have a perfect lifestyle besides the perfect diet!

Disclaimer: This is a company press release. No HT journalist is involved in creation of this content.

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