Dieting? Try a leftover roast or curry for breakfast

He said typical breakfast foods, like cereals, are filled with sugar – and that spells trouble. Dr Rangan, 42, said: “I’d like you to experiment with eating foods at breakfast you might typically only have for dinner. Many of us have fixed ideas and only consider options such as sugary cereals, toast or croissants. “This is a mistake because the first meal you eat can set the tone for the rest of the day. It can have a powerful influence on your subsequent choices.” 

The initial sugar input hijacks the system and encourages you to seek more sugary foods, he said.

Dr Rangan recommends re-heating leftover roast dinner, or trying dahl and rice; eggs with broccoli and potatoes; salmon and vegetables, and goat’s cheese with roasted peppers and sweet potatoes.

Eating dinner for breakfast, he says, leads to “effortless” weight loss.

The resident doctor on BBC One’s Breakfast Show said preparing the food doesn’t have to take long as “many of my patients have started to cook extra amounts the night before.

“They simply pop the leftovers in the fridge”.

The advice appears in an excerpt from Dr Rangan’s new book, published in this month’s Health and Wellbeing magazine.

We’re just wondering about an accompanying drink for the breakfast-with-gravy.

A mug of red, anyone?

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