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Methi or Fenugreek is a herb and one of the common spices used in Indian kitchens to add flavour to many dishes. Recipes of potatoes, peas, mushroom, chicken, pulses and lentils and chapati are enhanced with the addition of methi leaves. Methi is also said to have numerous health benefits such as lowering glucose and cholesterol levels. Methi might help in weight loss as well.

Study on Mice

A study on the effects of methi seed extracts on mice was conducted by Pharmacologist Praveen Kumar and others in 2014. It was found that methi seeds indeed inhibited the accumulation of fat in rats that were obese.

Another study conducted by earlier, this year, by Dr Annadora J. Bruce-Keller and others discovered that methi countered the harmful effects of a high-fat diet on beneficial gut bacteria, which are essential for food digestion.

Study on Overweight People

A 2019 short-term study was conducted by Pharmacologist Hugues Chevassus on overweight men to find out whether intake of methi seed extracts can have a positive impact on them. In a six-week-long programme, several overweight men were administered methi seed extracts and the effects on energy, weight, appetite, glucose and insulin levels were studied.

The study found that fat consumption among overweight subjects declined in a significant manner. However, no significant reduction in weight was seen.

Methi Water or Methi Tea

There is a popular belief that drinking water mixed with methi seeds or methi tea can help one lose weight. A study on this belief was conducted by JiYoung Bae on overweight Korean women. Tea made using methi was given to the subjects. Hunger was found to have reduced and this led to less food consumption as the subjects felt full for longer durations.

The above studies do indicate that methi or fenugreek has properties that aid in suppressing hunger and can potentially aid in weight loss in those who regularly consume the herb medicinally.




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