EP100: Listener Q&A and Gifts for YOU

Episode 100 is here! I can’t believe I have recorded 100 episode and I wanted to find a way to say thank you for being an amazing listener. Therefore, I decided what better way to celebrate then asking for your burning questions and answering them.

Questions I answer in this episode:

– Do you miss blogging?
– What did you do before coaching?
– Whatever happened with DTF?
– What did you do right and wrong in your UC journey?
– How did you meet your husband?
– Are you still doing the bean protocol?
– How did Quinn learn to solve a Rubix Cube?
– How to deal with bloating after lunch?
– Any plans for another workout program?
– How do you know if you have hormonal imbalance?
– Shoe recommendation?
– Sports bra recommendation?
– Will you run another marathon?
– Tips for balancing your blood sugar?
– What foods should you eat for healthy hormones?
– How do you balance your hormones?
– What to do for heavy periods?
– How were you able to cut back on drinking?
– How do you start with hormone testing?
– Why are you eating eggs again?
– What are your thoughts on Botox?
– Does the Pill regulate your hormones?
– Did the carnivore diet work for you?

Episodes mentioned in this podcast:

Episode 35: Bean Protocol Update & FAQs 
Episode 47: Bean Protocol Update [1 Month] 
Episode 44: Tips for hacking blood sugar
Episode 45: Symptoms of blood sugar imbalance and what to do about it
Episode 62: My journey with hormone imbalance and what I did about it
Episode 77: All about the Dutch Test
Episode 87: 4 hormonal reasons why you’re not losing weight
Episode 90: How to love your hormones
Episode 11: What to eat for a healthy menstrual cycle [FREE hormone meal plan]


24 Days of Togetherness: Holiday Bucket List

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