EP18: The Friday 5 – February 5th

Welcome to the next edition of The Friday 5! You’re in for a treat with five new favs (there are some delicious finds this week!). I also get a little emotional in this episode talking about my current IBD flare. You can watch the video episode below or on Instagram.


1. Purity Coffee
While I love Teeccino, I’ve been taking a little break from. While it’s caffeine-free, it does have barley in it which can be upsetting to the GI. Whenever I do drink coffee, I want to make sure I’m drinking really high quality stuff. Purity Coffee is tested for toxins and molds. I bought the biggest bag of their decaf coffee. I try to stay away from caffeine for hormone and liver health as I’ve dealt with estrogen dominance. They have caffeinated options, too. It’s delicious! 

OMG, guys. This dairy-free ice cream from Daily Harvest is SO damn good! If you’ve never tried Daily Harvest, I’d recommend trying it for this product alone! It’s super hard when it comes straight out of the freezer, but I pop it into the microwave for a few seconds and it’s then perfect consistency. The “caramel” in it is to die for!

Save $25 off first order with code DNTINA25.

I am so glad I discovered that Chewy.com has Murphy’s Taste of the Wild pet food. I was driving a little ways to get his pet food every month, but now I have it on auto ship on Chewy.com. It’s so easy – and it’s cheaper! They also have an online pharmacy, so now we can his heart worm and tick/flea medicine from there, too. Not to mention, it’s like $40 cheaper than getting it from the vet. Big fan! 

I’ve been a fan of supplementing with Magnesium for a while. Around 80% of the population is deficient in Magnesium (due to soil quality and nutrition). Magnesium is great if you have anxiety, troubling sleeping, and general relaxation. Of course, talk to your doctor before adding in a new supplement.

I haven’t been working out much with my flare, so I’ve been doing a little yoga. Adriene has millions of followers on YouTube and her videos are free. I can throw on one of her videos on the TV in our gym downstairs and move my body in a relaxing way. If you’re looking for a free yoga, I highly checking her out – she has so many videos. 

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