EP44: Tips for hacking your blood sugar

This episode shares some tips for hacking your blood sugar and how I apply these strategies to my everyday life.

Keeping your blood sugar balanced is important for maintaining hormonal stability, seeing positive weight loss, raising energy levels high, dropping cravings and irritability low, reducing brain fog, and avoiding long-term health problems like diabetes.⁠⁠

Tips for hacking your blood sugar 

You can ‘hack’ your blood sugar by doing a number of simple things to manage it. Listen as I share how I incorporate these hacks into my everyday life.


You can ‘hack’ your blood sugar by doing the following things:⁠

  • Go for a walk – it helps burn sugar and calories, reduces stress⁠
  • Consume carbs around workouts – workouts help burn excess calories or take you can advantage of continued calorie burn after a session⁠
  • Eat carbs with protein and fat – they help you digest and use carbs more efficiently⁠
  • Eat your carbs last – if you’re full, you’re likely to eat fewer carbs than eating on an empty stomach⁠
  • Avoid high glycemic carbs – stick to fresh berries, leafy green veggies and minimally processed grains like brown rice and quinoa⁠
  • Reduce stress – high stress leads to high cortisol levels which makes balancing your blood sugar more difficult⁠
  • Add vinegar and cinnamon – both work with your naturally occurring insulin to manage blood sugar⁠
  • Get a good night’s rest – inadequate rest raises cortisol levels and throws hormones out of balance making it harder to process sugar⁠


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