EP68: How to transition from macros to intuitive eating

This episode is all about how to transition from macros to intuitive eating. 

Walking away from tracking macros can be a scary endeavor, especially if you’ve tracked for awhile. For some women, macro tracking becomes second nature, which is great because they’ve become so comfortable with the tool. But, at the end of the day, the ultimate goal of macros is NOT for you to track them forever. I mean, do you want to be someone’s Grandma and STILL track macros?!

It might sound daunting to stop tracking and move more towards intuitive eating, so I’ve shared a number of tips, tricks, and mindset shift to help you make the transition.

How to transition from macros to intuitive eating


How to ACTUALLY transition from macros to intuitive eating

  1. Take planned days off from tracking
  2. ONLY track protein and fiber
  3. Focus on whole foods + portion size
  4. Utilize journaling, Biofeedback Tracker, and Diet Check Record
  5. If-Then planning


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