Expert Approved Tips That Can Help You Achieve Ideal Body Weight Hassle-Free

Weight Management: Expert Approved Tips That Can Help You Achieve Ideal Body Weight Hassle-Free

Weight management: Snack on fresh fruits to beat hunger pangs


  • Snack on fresh fresh fruit to beat hunger pangs
  • Exercise regularly to burn calories effectively
  • Maintain a healthy weight with fibre rich foods

This pandemic has made us realise the importance of good health. When we define good health, it’s not just the absence of disease but also a feeling of wellbeing. The need to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle cannot be stressed enough. What you eat affect your mental as well as physical heath in many ways. Physical activity also plays a major role in not just burning calories but also reduces risk of certain diseases. A healthy body weight can be achieved with the right combination of diet and physical activity. Here are some tips that can help you maintain an idle body weight.

Weight management: Follow these tips to a healthy body weight

1. Eat like this

Start your day by eating the right and healthy breakfast-

Make a promise to self that you will eat a healthy and sumptuous breakfast every day. There is enough research to prove that breakfast eaters are healthier. Skipping breakfast in the morning can be a bad Idea. It could leave you hungry, tired and looking for less healthy foods later in the day.

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Healthy snacking-

Many eat less at meal times thinking it will help them lose weight but then binge through the day and in fact consume unhealthy calories by eating junk. Avoid snacking on namkeens, bhujias, fried items like samosas, chips etc. instead munch on fruits, nuts, chanas or keep some healthy beverages like buttermilk, coconut water to snack on.


Eat nuts and seeds to beat hunger pangs between meals
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Say no to sugar-

Refine sugar provides empty calories. Too much consumption may increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, tooth decay and leads to weight gain. Switch to natural sources like fruits, dates, figs etc.

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Get close to nature-

Focus on real food and whole food. Eat more of fruit, vegetables and whole grains and reduce intake of processed foods.

2. Get in shape

Cut 100 calories and burn 100 calories-

Follow this mantra each day and you can lose weight effectively by the end of the year. Take skimmed milk instead of full cream milk, choose nuts and fruits for snacking in place of samosa, mixtures and biscuits.

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Do mini workouts-

Breakdown your 1 hour into three 20 minutes segments through the day. Choose a combination of activities like walking with yoga and weights etc. for better result.


Take small breaks and exercise regularly
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Be active to burn more calories-

Take the stairs more often or even walking up to your colleagues post lunch for a chit chat. These are simple ways to burn more calories. Your Goal is minimum 10,000 steps each day. Keep a track on your step count to progress each day.

A healthy weight can keep several diseases at bay. Follow these tips and reach your idle BMI.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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