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With intermittent fasting rapidly gaining popularity among consumers, nutrition company L-Nutra has designed its Fast Bar to curb hunger while not breaking their fasts. Its specific ratio, amount and composition of reduced carbs and protein, paired with its high amount of healthy fats, has been shown in a clinical trial to extend fasts. It may also help dieters create a more rewarding intermittent-fasting experience to support their goals of weight management, fat loss and overall wellness. Gluten-free, non-GMO, keto-friendly, made without soy or dairy, and containing no artificial additives or preservatives, Fast Bar comes in Nuts & Honey, Nuts & Dark Cocoa, and Nuts & Cacao Chips varieties. The plant-based, whole-food bar contains a scientific formulation of high-quality nuts and macro- and micro-nutrient, and is sweetened with ethically sourced honey. The suggested retail price per any variety of 1.4-ounce bar is $2.99.


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