Food for runners: What to eat before and after a run – tips from a nutritionist

When it’s time to have a proper meal, which Signe recommends you leave till around an hour to three hours after finishing your race, you need to fill up on a meal heavy in carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats.

Before and after a run, Signe advises you to eat simple carbohydrates such as bananas, rice or corn cakes, pasta, rice, cereal, dried fruits and potatoes.

In between runs, when you’ve already been for a run and plan to go for another, you need to eat complex carbohydrates for energy such as rye bread, whole grain bread, quinoa, barley, root vegetables, lentils and beans.

Protein prevents muscle breakdown and optimises recovery and should be eaten pre and post-run.

Examples of protein to eat before and after a run are eggs, fish, poultry, tofu, low-fat Greek yoghurt, low-fat cottage cheese.

If you’re not sure what good fat is, stick to avocado, salmon, nuts, seeds and olive oil.

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