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Breakfast is widely considered as the most important meal of a day. The body has resumed its metabolic activities fully, after the preceding night’s sleep. It needs an energy boost to heat up and work to its fullest potential. Certain foods, however, can spoil our mornings as they can end up doing the opposite. Mentioned below are such foods that one must avoid during breakfast.

Bottled Fruit Juices

The image that many associates with breakfast is that of a plate of bread and a glass of orange juice. Many are tempted to buy packaged juices sold at supermarkets, thinking that it would boost their health. Unfortunately, packaged juices contain added artificial sweeteners which raise our blood sugar levels and contribute to diseases like diabetes in the long run. It is better to have fresh fruits which contain healthy doses of vitamins and fibre that the factory-produced juices may lack.

Cakes and Pastries

Just like packaged fruit juices, these foods contain a high amount of refined sugar. Sugar provides instant energy, which dissipates fast and makes people drowsy eventually. Cakes also have refined flour in their dough. Refined flour is whole wheat flour stripped of all its nutrients, vitamins and fibre that aid digestion. Without them, flour is left with just calories. Higher amounts of calories can cause diabetes, obesity and eventually heart problems.


Most working professionals swear by a cup of coffee to start their day. While coffee is said to help drinkers stay more alert because of caffeine, there are some negative effects to consider. Drinking excess coffee is known to cause restlessness, palpitation and anxiety, among other issues. The alertness-boosting effects of caffeine are also temporarily. It is better to avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach.

Foods containing protein and fibre, which coffee doesn’t have, would be a healthier breakfast option. Eggs and bread made from whole grains and some boiled vegetables make for an ideal breakfast. The proteins energise us while the fibre slows down our digestion and keeps us full for a longer time, minimising chances of weight gain and associated diseases.




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