Football coach building gut health business after combating Crohn’s disease

Sas Parsad, founder of The Gut Co​, was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease seven years ago, aged 31, leading him down the path to gut health knowledge and a new entrepreneurial passion.

He says there was a clear link between his ill health and the time when he ‘lost it all’ in the financial crash of 2008.

“I had been in the business of property since the age of 19​ when I bought a property for £69,000, renovated it and sold it for £124,000. But in 2008 I lost it all in the economic crash. It was almost immediately that I started to notice symptoms and a few years later – after multiple MRI scans – I was finally given my diagnosis. While diet was clearly a huge factor, I’m convinced that stress was the final trigger.”

The ‘trigger’ led to a two year period where Parsad was housebound as he struggled to keep any food down, causing deficiencies and extreme weight loss.

“The doctors weren’t able to help me with my nutrition so I had to speak to specialists to find out how to take back control.”

After hearing about the importance of his microbiome, the Eastbourne Borough football coach devoted his time to researching gut health and how to improve it, causing a revelation about his diet.

“I thought I was really fit and healthy. I was on what you might call a typical gym goersdiet – so loads of whey protein shakes, lots of dairy, lots of starchy foods, and big portions with loads of protein.

 “I realised that with all those protein supplements I was taking and with my gut being so unhealthy, I wasn’t absorbing a lot of the nutrients that I was consuming. I started to realise supplements won’t do any good unless your gut is able to absorb the nutrition.

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