French company making Mediator pills convicted of deceit and involuntary manslaughter – Baltic News Network

French pharmaceutical company Servier has been convicted of deceit and involuntary manslaughter as it continued selling Mediator weight loss drug despite various warnings over its serious side effects, British public broadcaster BBC reports.

French drug maker Servier had denied any knowledge of Mediator’s side effects, but a court on Monday, March 29, issued it with a fine of EUR 2.7m.

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«Although they knew about the risks for many years… they never took the necessary measures,» judge Sylvie Daunis said. France’s drug regulator, meanwhile, was fined more than EUR 300,000 for its role in the scandal as it had seriously failed in its duties, according to the court as cited by AFP news agency and the BBC.

The drug Mediator was developed for use in overweight diabetics and was on the market for 33 years. It was eventually withdrawn from sales in 2009 over concerns it could cause serious heart problems, BBC reports.

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