Gluconite Reviews – Quality Ingredients That Work or Cheap Formula?

New York, NY, March 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Did it ever occur to you that fluctuations in blood glucose levels are not only a result of poor eating habits? If not, this is an area in one’s knowledge that carries a relatively big gap. Seeing how so few people truly understand blood glucose implications, one company has decided to take matters into their own hands. As a result, they created a solution called “Gluconite,” which aims to address two areas of health that negatively impact blood glucose levels.

Do you know that we burn calories as we sleep? The average person needs to create a caloric deficit of 3,500 calories in a week in order to shed one pound of body fat. While we sleep, we burn fewer calories than we burn while awake, as most people could probably guess. However, how would your weight loss efforts be improved if you could increase the number of calories you burn while sound asleep through the night? Most people would be beyond excited to learn that such a thing is possible.

Some medical researchers have misunderstood or downplayed the close relationship between nighttime metabolism and weight loss. This is beginning to change, as a whole new generation of scientists has come to embrace the importance of sleep efficiency to overall weight loss results. Blood sugar is also closely related to sleep quality. Getting a good night’s rest is a simple way to ensure that you avoid the pitfalls of high blood sugar, especially as you age. But even when we recognize the importance of this relationship between bodily functions, the question naturally arises: what do we do to improve sleeping metabolism?

Supplementation might offer a potential solution. The supplement shop definitely should not be the first place you go if you’re suffering from high blood sugar, obesity, and other serious health concerns. However, using the right supplement might be one way for you to improve the efficiency of your weight loss routine without resorting to complicated, depriving diets or difficult workouts. Gluconite is a “breakthrough sleep and blood sugar formula” which claims to offer a wide range of potential benefits to its users. The formula provides both “metabolic and sleep support,” which can drastically improve the quality of life for eligible users.

But at the end of the day, we know why you’re here. You want to cut right through all the hype and learn about whether or not Gluconite might work for you. Curious to find out what they might entail? We’ve compiled this comprehensive product review of Gluconite to provide users with all the relevant information necessary to begin researching the supplement, along with its creators. The following review will provide a comprehensive analysis on everything Gluconite-related, starting with its intended purpose:

What is Gluconite?

Gluconite is advertised as the “only formula in the world” that supports healthy blood sugar levels during one’s sleep (i.e., deep sleep). The team’s approach here involves maximizing one’s metabolism and sleep quality, as these two factors are believed to be deprived among individuals with type 1 and 2 diabetes.

As for the formula, Gluconite is trusted to contain 8 main ingredients (and a number of supporting vitamins and minerals) that allegedly have a combined effect on a number of health aspects, some of which include blood sugar, metabolism, and sleep, as previously mentioned. In contrast, others include appetite and energy levels. With all of the aforementioned in mind, it is imperative that we take a step further to assess the Gluconite team’s approach.

How does Gluconite work?

As hinted in the introduction portion of this review, Gluconite is a metabolism and sleep support formula. To fully understand why these factors were considered, we decided to dig a little deeper into things. Here’s what our research indicates thus far:


In a piece that looked at the association between one’s metabolic rate and blood glucose levels [1], it was highlighted that the metabolism of people with diabetes is identical to that of people without diabetes. However, there is one minor difference worth nothing, and it has to do with the effectiveness and availability of the insulin hormone produced within the body.

In the case where people are either pre-diabetic or diabetic, the problem is that there’s an excess of insulin present. This is because the body is incapable of acknowledging its presence, to begin with, creating an upside in production. However, here are the issues that stem from doing so:

“The strain of producing all this extra insulin means that beta cells become overworked and over time will start to fail. In addition, the increasing amounts of insulin in the body cause the body to become gradually more resistant to it.”

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One source [2] explained that it is actually a two-way street when it comes to the relationship between sleep and blood glucose levels. To be more precise, sleep affects blood sugar levels, the same way blood sugar levels might affect sleep. A study that was referenced in this piece highlighted that people with higher blood sugar levels experienced poorer sleep. Another study also confirmed this by sharing that “people with glucose levels in pre-diabetes range are likely to have a poor sleep” in comparison to those with normal glucose levels.

Interestingly, it seems like people with low blood sugar (i.e., hypoglycemia) are more likely to have their sleep disrupted. That said, there’s also one called nocturnal hypoglycemia, which is when individuals experience low blood sugar levels at night. This type might give rise to nightmares, crying, sweating, and irritability upon waking up.

Evidently, the metabolism and sleep are two factors that need to be taken care of so that people who are either pre-diabetic or diabetic can finally feel good about themselves on a mental, physical and emotional level. Now that the fundamentals are covered let’s direct our attention towards the ingredients list.

What Ingredients Make Up the Gluconite formula?

Gluconite is offered in powdered form, where every serving comes in a 2.75-gram scoop. Having said that, here’s what we gathered on the ingredients found inside Gluconite. First, we’ll start by going over the main ingredients. Then we’ll move on to the supporting ingredients delivered in the form of vitamins and minerals.

Chamomile Flower (500mg/serving)

Chamomile is a type of herb that has been studied for its sedative properties. In fact, it is sold as a tea in today’s society that should be taken at night for better sleep. After some digging, a study [3] that looked at the effect of drinking chamomile tea daily on blood glucose levels was found. In it, the researchers revealed that blood glucose levels were actually improved in patients with diabetes. One explanation provided for this is that its antioxidant properties help to limit the effect of oxidative stress on insulin resistance (i.e., the body’s inability to respond to the insulin hormone).

Hibiscus (1000mg/serving)

Hibiscus is a plant that is found under the family of Malvaceae species. One property found within this plant that is quite similar to that of chamomile is its abundant antioxidant source, which evidently supports healthy immunity.

In regard to weight management, one clinical study found that ingesting hibiscus can positively improve weight-related biomarkers, including body weight, BMI, body fat, and the waist-to-hip ratio [4]. To add to the aforesaid, this plant has also been praised for its sedative properties, which as per one study, can help individuals fall asleep faster while also staying asleep for longer periods of time [5].

Passionflower (30mg/serving)

Passionflower is an herb that has also been associated with improved sleep. The way in which this plant might achieve the former is by easing anxiousness and stress in consumers. The key takeaway here is that when stress is under control, this means that the stress hormone, i.e., the cortisol hormone is also under control. When found in excess, this hormone is trusted to negatively impact our sleep hormone (which will be discussed later in the piece). To confirm its effects on sleep, we stumbled upon a preliminary study conducted on rats. The researchers found that 500mg of passionflower did the trick when it comes to increasing total sleep time [6].

Tryptophan (150mg/serving)

Tryptophan is a type of amino acid whose main responsibility is to produce the melatonin hormone, i.e., our widely acclaimed “sleep hormone,” and serotonin, i.e., a hormone responsible for regulating mood. The mood-sleep duo is trusted to go a long way in easing anxiousness and stress, all while allowing consumers to fall asleep faster. On that note, one review that assessed existing evidence on tryptophan intake insisted that history has indicated a dose of 1000mg as being crucial for beneficial results [7].

Melatonin (3mg/serving)

Earlier, we mentioned that melatonin is our sleep hormone. The type found in supplements are human-made and are trusted to mimic the same effects as the real deal. When it comes to ingesting melatonin, it is always recommended to start small, as larger quantities can easily create dependencies. That said, one source highly encourages consumers to make changes to their habits so that the effects of melatonin are fully reaped. These could include little things like putting away electronic devices, going for walks, eating light at night, and turning off any sources of light that might be distracting [8].

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Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (500mg/serving)

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is an inhibitory neurotransmitter whose role is to halt certain brain signals so that individuals experience a more relaxed self. One source reported that low levels of GABA have since been linked to insomnia and disrupted sleep [9].

Hops Flower (30mg/serving)

Another sedative plant to have made the cut is hops. One study that evaluated the effect of hops on rest rhythm was able to show that a small dose helped to stimulate sleep in people with type 2 diabetes [10]. Another source highlighted that although earlier studies were incapable of producing such findings, in recent times, a number of studies were able to confirm that hops truly does carry sedative properties, which is reassuring to see [11].

White Willow Bark Extract (367mg/serving)

White willow bark is an herb, and it appears to have been chosen because of its source of salicin. Salicin is a type of substance that has long been linked to the effects of aspirin. In other words, it carries anti-inflammatory properties, which means that those accustom to soreness will have finally achieved a peace of mind. However, its direct effects on the metabolism or even sleep are still required to say anything with certainty [12].

In regard to the vitamins and minerals that have made the cut, they include:

Vitamin A (1000IU/serving)

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is found in many of the foods we eat. As per one source, it has been liked for its positive effects on vision, the immune system, reproduction, and heart, lungs, and kidneys function, among others [13].

Vitamin C (50mg/serving)

Also known as ascorbic acid, vitamin C is crucial for the development for many of our bodily tissues. In regard to its effect on sleep, one study that looked at the protective effects of vitamin C on “acute and chronic sleep deprivation-induced metabolic derangement” found that “treatment with vitamin C prevented these impairments.” In other words, stress tolerance was improved [14].

Vitamin D (1000IU/serving)

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is produced in the skin in the presence of the sun. Many people don’t realize that a deficiency can lead to a wide range of metabolic illnesses. One source actually listed some of the consequences of low vitamin D, which include obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus, and cardiovascular diseases, to name a few [15].

Vitamin K (60mcg/serving)

Vitamin K is widely known for its role in regulating many aspects of blood health. As per a review that highlighted its possible benefits, the authors wrote that it could go as far as improving insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance. These two can help to reduce insulin resistance, which is what the body wants to avoid, especially seeing that such resistance can lead to developing type 2 diabetes [16].

Zinc (5mcg/serving)

Zinc is a trace mineral that, like melatonin, is most effective in smaller quantities. One study that looked at the combined effects of zinc, melatonin, and magnesium arrived at the conclusion that sleep quality significantly improved while participants reported an increase in morning alertness [17].

Chromium (10mcg/serving)

Chromium is an essential trace element that is trusted to have an effect on insulin and glucose levels. For now, research is ongoing due to mixed results. Still, one source noted that “chromium has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and alleviate cardiovascular functions,” using this as a reason to tackle issues related to blood glucose levels [18]. Those who are unaware of the term “insulin sensitivity” tell us whether cells respond to the insulin hormone. An improvement usually implies a decrease in insulin resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Gluconite is a leading sleep and blood sugar support formula that acts as an extra-strength nighttime metabolism boosting supplement. But given its popularity and heavy demand, it is important that all consumers get informed and educated on the merits of the metabolism and deep sleep support formula before becoming customers and daily users of the product.

Here are the most asked questions about the breakthrough sleep and blood sugar support formula after a correspondence with their customer support team:

Who is suitable for Gluconite?

Gluconite can be useful regardless of one’s age, body composition, and gender. The end goals are to attain healthy blood sugar levels, be able to reach deeper sleep, a boosted metabolism, and reduced cravings, to name the least. These can be achieved by just about anyone. Surely, there will be discrepancies in results, as each individual is unique, that is why consistent ingestion of Gluconite is highly recommended.

Is Gluconite safe?

Since Gluconite is an all-natural formula manufactured in the U.S., in an FDA-registered facility that follows GMP guidelines, it is generally deemed safe to take.

Are there any known side effects to taking Gluconite?

As this is being written, the creators of Gluconite affirm that there are no side known side effects to taking this supplement. If individuals do experience adverse effects, they are urged to stop taking this supplement immediately. If the situation only seems to worsen, a physician’s help should be sought for.

Does Gluconite contain any allergens?

There are no allergens directly included in Gluconite. That is, it is free from gluten, dairy, soy, wheat, barley, and animal products of any kind.

What is the best way to take Gluconite?

For optimal results, one scoop of Gluconite should be blended into six ounces of water anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes before bedtime. Though water is advertised, there shouldn’t be any issues choosing a different beverage base. Most of all, when ingested, individuals should not think of operating a vehicle or machinery, as Gluconite is known to stimulate increased drowsiness.

How many bottles of Gluconite are usually recommended per order?

As stated on the official website, the Gluconite formula has been “scientifically proven to have their greatest effect after 90 days or more.” For this reason, individuals are advised to start with a 3 or 6-month package and to decide from there. If doubt still persists, individuals can give a 30-day supply a try first and then decide whether to continue or discontinue it. Again, the team insists that individuals will feel great “in about a week or two,” so this can be something to assess even with a 30-day supply.

How long will it take to receive Gluconite?

Once the team receives orders placed for Gluconite, they will need 2 to 3 days just to process and ship them. Within the U.S., orders will be received after 5 to 7 business days, while international orders may need up to 12 business days, depending on customs.

Is Gluconite protected by a refund policy?

Based on the Terms and Conditions, “refund requests are accepted within 1 year of order date.” This process usually requires sending the customer support team an email. Once approved, individuals will have to return all bottles undamaged along with their respective full names, email addresses, Clickbank email invoices, and order numbers. Bear in mind that any incurred shipping expenses are customers’ responsibility.

How to contact the Gluconite customer support team?

To get in touch with the Gluconite customer support team, it is best to send an email to Since orders are placed through Clickbank, order-related matters should be consulted on Clickbank’s official website.

How much does Gluconite cost?

At present, Gluconite is available at three different price points and only offered at the official website Seeing that long-term uses are advertised, the creators behind Gluconite have decided to give an incentive to those who purchase in bulk. To be as precise as possible, see below:

  • 1 Gluconite bottle (1-month supply): $69 each + applicable S&H
  • 3 Gluconite bottles (3-month supply): $59 each + applicable S&H
  • 6 Gluconite bottles (6-month supply): $49 each + applicable S&H

Is Gluconite a Scam?

The threat of weight loss supplements being a scam like Gluconite are very real in 2021. After seeing the global weight loss diet pill industry surpass over $24 billion dollars in 2020 and projected to be at over $33 billion in the next handful of years or so, one is only smart to be skeptical at pills or powders or even magical potions promising to deliver the world overnight.

But in reality, the Gluconite supplement benefits are very present with little downside to speak of upfront. The all natural ingredients that support deep sleep, overnight metabolism and blood sugar optimization are quite an impressive list of benefits deriving from a single powder. The biggest risk to any Gluconite scam found online is not buying directly from the official website. All other products and platforms like Ebay or Amazon should be considered fraudulent. The only way to buy the authentically formulated and genuinely tested powder is by ordering direct from the manufacturer for the lowest price at

Aside from the Gluconite scam products found on Amazon or Ebay or any other third party retail marketplace, one still should question the legitimacy of such a potent formula. But when the rubber meets the road and the truth gets exposed about all of the promoted benefits of Gluconite, one is hard pressed to find another more-complete formula than the extra-strength sleep and blood sugar supplement. At the end of the day, the only Gluconite scam threats to be weary of are the ones found on any other website that is not So the short answer to is Gluconite a fraud is no, it is not. However, it is very easy to fall victim to these cheap Gluconite scams setup by nefarious retailers and shady actors. So buyer beware, moving forward with a purchase of Gluconite is smart to do given the money back guarantee and all natural ingredients that pose no negative side effects or serious adverse reactions reported.

Final Verdict

Based on the analysis above, Gluconite is a dietary supplement that aims to rectify metabolic rates and sleep, so that blood glucose levels are within healthy ranges. In going over the ingredients list, we did notice that a lot of them aim to ease anxiousness and stress, followed by treating the metabolism and promoting sleep. This is good to see as it aligns with the claims made around Gluconite.

One big downside of some dietary supplements is that they require users to choke down several dry pills per day. By contrast, Gluconite is an easy-to-digest powder which can be mixed into your drink once per morning. Using the supplement regularly can provide you with a number of benefits, including blood sugar regulation and metabolic boost. The key to understanding this supplement is to develop a feel for the interconnectedness of different body processes. In particular, the metabolic processes that happen as we sleep are truly critical to overall health and wellness.

We can’t promise that Gluconite will help you lose weight, and we know for a fact that it cannot make you skinnier all by itself. For the best possible results, combine this supplement with a developed routine, including both diet and exercise. If you do this, then Gluconite might just be the thing to hypercharge your efforts to lose weight and regain control of your health.

Having said that, there are a couple of things that individuals might want to reflect upon prior to making a purchase. For starters, nowhere on the official website do we have information on the company behind this solution. This is surprising to see, as it is crucial for building trust relationships with customers. Without this, it almost seems unrealistic to pay the suggested prices. Second, some of the doses are a bit lower than what has been studied in the scientific community, except a couple, but given how many ingredients are found in this natural sleep and blood sugar supplement it is hard to conclude that this nighttime metabolism boosting powder doesn’t pack a real punch at the end of the day. So while this could mean that results will not be as immediate, which was also explained at some point, with daily use one can begin to see the transformation begin to happen day in and day out with continual use.

Hence, it really comes down to whether consumers can trust the benefits put forth and whether it makes sense to pay the affordable price per month supply knowing that it is a risk-free purchase today. For more information on Gluconite and the potential wonders it can do to your sleep patterns and metabolism, click here>>>

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