Healthy food subscriptions and delivery boxes – are they really worth forking out for?

My first impression of my Kurami meal box, including breakfasts, lunch, dinner, a snack and a drink, was that I certainly wouldn’t go hungry. The meals, each portioned up in individual (recyclable) trays, were of a decent size, all including some form of protein and carb – requiring nothing more than a quick blast in the microwave to heat through. Nutritional information was labelled on each item, in the style of a supermarket-ready product.

For breakfast, a ‘golden smoothie bowl’. There was no description of its contents; instead, a lengthy list of ingredients written in smallprint revealed that it consisted of some form of dairy-free coconut yogurt (which, sadly, closely resembled wallpaper paste), a fruit puree and a sandy seed-and-nut topping.

Lunch, a ‘Kurami rainbow’ burger, was even more puzzling, owing to a pink, green and yellow gluten-free bun, sandwiching an unidentifiable veg-based patty and pickles. There was no information, on the box, in my menu card or online, about what made the bun technicolour. A ‘nut boost yogurt’ (much the same as breakfast) and a huge pot of watery chicken and fennel tagine later, and I am none-the-wiser to what I’ve actually consumed today.

Have I eaten my five-a-day? Have I reached my daily fibre intake? I couldn’t say. What I can say is that I’ve had precisely 1,600 calories for one day, and paid £41.50 for the privilege. For this amount of money for just a day’s food (a weekly subscription pushes the price down to £39.50 per box per day), I would expect a fuller nutritional breakdown of the food, much clearer labelling, and, if I’m honest, better food.

£41.50 for one day (three meals, a snack and a drink);


This healthy food plan delivery service available across the UK promises it can help you attain weight loss and muscle-tone building goals. Jack Rear puts it to the test.

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