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A child is like a clean slate and needs instructions or references to acquire a purpose in life. It is the most vital duty for parents to guide their children towards adulthood. Discussed below are some of the methods by which parents can help their children grow responsibly.

Model parenting

Children model themselves on their parents. If the latter maintain discipline, humbleness and restraint in their own lives and conduct their day-to-day responsibilities properly, the children will mirror such behaviour. If the parents are irresponsible, wasteful, rude, irritable, then the children will do the same.

Shaping behaviour

Childhood is the most formative stage in the life of a human being. Children are innately curious about the world around them. Their curiosity needs guidance through the inculcation of routine and self-discipline. When giving commands to children, parents should explain its purpose. Such teachings go a long way in helping a child internalise the disciplines.

Don’t be hostile

Rather than scolding a child for returning home late from school or for staying outdoors after dark, calmly explain to them why it is not safe to remain outside after sundown. Best not to threaten them, as it will create negative parent-child dynamic. Children should be allowed to make mistakes to a certain degree and learn from them, provided such experiences are not damaging.

Reward good behaviour

Children seek approval from the model adults in their lives. A child might make a sketch, compose poetry, or finish their homework on time. They might clean the utensils or make their bed to prove that they are able, like the adults. Parents should reward their work through encouragement.

Teaching values

Good values go a long way in ensuring respectful and humble qualities in an individual. Respect of elders in something every parent teaches their child.

Children must also learn compassion towards other living beings. Caring for animals and plants help an individual become tolerant towards others. It encourages selflessness and helps make the world safer for others.




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