Here’s A List Of High Protein Foods That You Can Add To Your Low-Carb Diet

Weight Loss At Home: Here's A List Of High Protein Foods That You Can Add To Your Low-Carb Diet

Protein keeps you full for longer and helps in repairing muscles


  • Protein can help maintain a healthy weight
  • Almonds are loaded with protein with minimum carb content
  • You can add chia seeds to your low carb diet

The pandemic may have kept you stuck at home but that does not mean that you cannot pursue your fitness goals. A correct balance of nutritious diet and exercise will help lose those extra pounds that you might have gained while working from home. A low carb and high-protein diet may help accomplish this feat. Carbohydrates are found in grains, starchy fruits and vegetables among others. Reducing the intake of carbohydrate can help you in cutting the bulge, and it also decreases the risk of type-2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Meanwhile, a high-protein diet helps in building lean muscles, burn more calories, and keeps you fuller for longer, hence preventing unnecessary munching on high-calorie snacks.

Here are a few food items that are loaded with protein with minimum carbs

1. Eggs

One of the most basic and essential food items that can give your body high protein is egg. Include this in your diet starting with one large egg which is enough to provide you with a good amount of protein. Have boiled eggs or an omelette in your breakfast and it will keep you fuller for a longer period of time thus preventing overeating. Eggs also make for a great post-workout snack.


Eggs are loaded with protein and several other nutrients
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2. Greek yoghurt

A creamy luscious bowl of Greek Yoghurt is delicious and a healthy low-carb, high protein food item. Yoghurts are low in calories. It is a natural probiotic that can keep your gut healthy and keep digestive issues at bay.

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3. Chia seeds

In case you feel like having a light snack, munch on these rich sources of protein, healthy fat content and omega-3 fatty acids. Chia seeds can keep you full for longer and boost your nutrition intake.

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Chia seeds are loaded with fibre and protein
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4. Cow’s milk

Cow’s milk is a great source of protein. It contains lower fat content. It consists of calcium and vitamin D that are essential for your health in more ways than one.

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5. Almonds

Another light snack with high amounts of protein and low-carb is almond. Soak overnight and consume it as the first thing in the morning to kick-start your day. Almonds are also rich on vitamin E and several other vital nutrients.

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