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Fat burners are supplements that help those who use them to lose weight by burning excess fat from their bodies. Some fat burners derive from natural products, such as caffeine and green tea, whereas others, like Alli or Orlistat, are specifically made to help with weight loss. Research indicates 15% of Americans have tried a weight-loss dietary supplement at some point throughout their lives. Furthermore, they have spent approximately $2.1 billion on this in pill form, making fat burners a popular option for many Americans in their quest for a perfect body. If you’re considering embarking on a healthier lifestyle and want to lose some weight, we look at how and when to use fat burners to help you achieve this.

How Do Fat Burners Work?

Fat burners are typically used to describe nutritional supplements that are designed to help the user lose weight. This is achieved by quickening fat metabolism and burning excess fat, which can be achieved in a number of ways such as increasing energy expenditure, impairing fat absorption, or increasing fat oxidation during exercise. As the people from explained, there are many ingredients that can be used, and it’s these that will ultimately determine how your body will burn fat. For instance, black pepper extract enables your body to absorb other fat-burning ingredients in the supplement you are taking. Capsimax, being a concentrated form of capsicum, raises your body temperature to begin thermogenesis.

What is Thermogenesis?

This is a metabolic process that involves your body burning calories to increase its temperature and ultimately is the heat production made within it. This usually occurs when you exercise and diet. It is also affected by the temperature of your environment. This is why thermogenesis is associated with weight loss. Supplements that state they are designed to increase the thermogenic process mean they are designed to increase metabolism, which thus increases fat utilization and burning.

What is Lipolysis?

This is the breakdown of lipids in your body, which are also known as fat. It involves transforming triglycerides into glycerol and fatty-free acids. The latter are then released into the bloodstream and circulate throughout the body. Our bodies naturally store excess fat, which is a source of energy should our glucose become low. It is burnt when we run low on nutrients or because of intense exercise. This is because the fat is then burnt as energy. Therefore, lipolysis is considered the process that breaks down fat.

When Should I Use a Fat Burner?

You should follow the instructions provided with the fat-burning supplement you opt to use because they may have specific instructions. However, there are two times that you should take them; thirty to forty minutes before breakfast and just before you exercise.

Why Before Breakfast?

Your metabolism is considered to be slower in the morning as it slows down when you were sleeping. By taking your fat-burning supplement around thirty to forty minutes before breakfast, it will awaken your metabolism. This will help the fat-burning process throughout the day as well as curb your appetite.

Why Before Exercise?

We tend to exercise to keep healthy as well as to control our weight. Therefore, by taking a fat-burning supplement beforehand it will provide you with that extra energy to get you through your exercise regime. It will enable you to push yourself further and make the most of your time exercising. This, in turn, means potentially burning more calories, not only during this but throughout the day as well.

What Else Should I Do to Optimize Fat Burning?

Let’s be honest, if losing weight was as easy as taking a pill, we’d all be at our ideal weight. But it isn’t that easy and research has shown that many health experts agree that lifestyle changes are of equal importance when trying to lose weight. You just cannot take a fat-burning supplement and not change your habits. Well, you can, but doing this will not help you lose weight.

A healthy diet and exercise regime is an important part of your weight loss journey. You need to have both factors in place to optimize the fat burner you choose to use. This is because you need to burn more energy than you consume to lose weight and the fat burner used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise regime will help you achieve this. The fat burner is therefore the last weapon against weight loss and not the first or second. It complements your diet and exercise programs and not the other way around.

Weight Loss

Being healthy is a lifestyle choice and is not something that should only be done to lose weight. Fat burners can help you achieve this, but reliance on these alone will not improve your health. They have to be used as part of a healthy lifestyle for you to see their benefits. Therefore, eating healthy and exercising regularly will help the fat burner you choose to do its job efficiently. This means you will see the results you desire a lot sooner than just taking the fat burners and hoping for the best.

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