I wasn’t taken seriously by my doctors

I started on The Pill when I was 19 years old – mostly to combat acne and regulate my cycle. It worked, and I stayed on it until my mid-30’s when we decided to get pregnant. Lucky for us, my cycle returned and getting pregnant was easy.⁠ But after giving birth, my hormones were a total mess, so I hopped back on The Pill in an effort to fix them.⁠

Haha, surprise-surprise. It didn’t work AT ALL! ⁠

The Pill I was on literally made me feel crazy at times! Mood swings, super emotional, acne, bloating, weight gain, and oh, the RAGE… and I am not an angry person!⁠

My OB/GYN and Primary Care docs didn’t take me seriously. They ran tests, and they both said I was fine… despite still having loads of hormonal-related symptoms. ⁠

It seemed like my doctors weren’t listening to me, and the only answers I’d get were unhelpful ‘non-answers’ with no follow-up. ⁠

It took a TON of research, becoming an FDN practitioner and thankfully, discovering the @DUTCHtest to finally get some answers.⁠

My experience isn’t unique. I know SO MANY WOMEN who go through this… knowing something is wrong but being assured by doctors that everything is fine. It’s crazy!⁠

Because of my experience and the experience of so many women I’ve worked with, I now offer at-home DUTCH hormonal testing with my 1:1 coaching. We often start with the DUTCH to get a baseline for your specific needs, then craft a program that works for you.⁠

After years of frustration and non-answers, my goal is to help the women I work with avoid the same situations I’ve been through so they can lead healthy, happy lives.⁠

Registration for 1:1 coaching is open. Let’s schedule a FREE Discovery Call to discuss your options and see if DUTCH testing and my high-access coaching program are right for you! ⁠

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