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Thinking back to my early 20s, I didn’t understand how important food was to my health. I know, it probably sounds ridiculous to say now, but hear me out…

Back then, I ate sandwich thins, Light ‘N’ Fit yogurt, and 100-calorie packs of cookies. I was only concerned about the calorie count, and it honestly didn’t matter one bit that the ingredients and nutritional profile of these “foods” was artificial junk.

Fast forward to June 2011 when I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis

I *thought* my diagnosis came out of the blue, but looking back and knowing what I know now, I’m pretty much the poster child for IBD.

  • I took lots of antibiotics as a child
  • I took lots of prescription acne medications as a teenager
  • I used oral contraceptives for 15 years
  • I ate a less than stellar diet consisting of gluten (lots of beer), conventional dairy, and processed foods

Nowadays, I KNOW just how important nutrition is to my overall health, especially since I have a chronic digestive disease.

My journey with ulcerative colitis definitely has not been easy, which is why I am so fortunate to have had the ability to test my blood using InsideTracker. As someone with IBD, I don’t absorb nutrients as well as someone with a normal, healthy gut, so it’s been essential to understanding my nutrient levels from the inside out.

InsideTracker’s platform is super easy to use and helped me understand my various nutrient levels as well as other important biomarkers. Sure, I could’ve asked my doctor for similar blood testing, but InsideTracker was definitely easier since a phlebotomist came right to my home, which was especially convenient during a pandemic.

I’m partnering with InsideTracker to give away:⁠

⚡️An ultimate blood test ($589 value)⁠
⚡️A 1:1 consultation to review you bloodwork with a Registered Dietitian ($100 value)⁠

Good luck!!⁠

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