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TikTok’s latest challenge lets users plan a four-course ‘mystery meal’

The four-course meal challenge is TikTok’s latest — and hungriest — new trend. Basically, the challenge involves putting together a four-course meal with food from various fast food restaurants. To decide where they go, users play rock, paper, scissors before each course. the winner chooses where that part of the meal will take place. @linaacampillo did the challenge with her boyfriend and ended up with a meal of McDonald’s, Popeyes, ice cream and Yerba Mate tea. Food-wise, most attempts at the four-course meal challenge are chaotic. The clips are also usually extremely wholesome, giving couples and best friends the chance to bond over their favorite fast foods. TikTok commenters seem to enjoy the trend just as much as the users making the videos. Most four-course meal challenge clips are filled with viewers tagging their friends and significant others, saying they “can’t wait” to try it together

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