Kylie Jenner recommends her weight loss shakes, but how beneficial are they?

Few days ago Kylie Jenner He shared on his Instagram account the perfect formula to start the day right. A video where a breakfast smoothie was prepared to which she added celery, also known as celery, spinach, frozen pineapple, green apple, cucumber, collagen powder, and a booster of vitamins.

Undoubtedly green juices have endless health benefits as long as they are prepared with low-glycemic vegetables and fruits. Although it is always better to consume whole fruits and vegetables, with the shakes we consume vitamins and nutrients that will be reflected in our well-being. However, in search of healthy options for breakfast or adding portions of these ingredients to our daily diet, we can sometimes make some mistakes that, in reality, will not contribute enough to the body and even what will lose weight will be our pocket.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 10: Kylie Jenner attends the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

The doctor Rossana De Jongh Delgado, a nutritionist doctor, specialist in clinical nutrition, overweight and obesity, explains that natural fruit and vegetable smoothies of course can be beneficial, but do not have the effects that are usually attributed and require, in addition, certain conditions. “If you put a lot of fruits, for example, they can have more calories than you would eat in one serving. And if you put a lot of vegetables and your stomach is somewhat delicate, you may present some discomfort ”.

What is definitely true is that fruit smoothies are an infinitely better option than ingesting any industrial product. “I do not indicate them, but I do not contraindicate them either, because on many occasions this habit encourages good nutrition and provides satiety. Also, if it is also something that you are going to enjoy, much better. You will not detox, but it will motivate you”.

There are people for whom consuming vegetables and fruits can be torture, and this alternative is an option to be able to include them in a balanced diet. “If it’s good to have at least five servings of vegetables and fruits per day and you don’t want to eat them in a salad, why not like this?” De Jongh advises.

Vitamins C, K, A, folic acid, iron, potassium, magnesium are some of the nutrients that provide ingredients like those used by Kylie in her shake, and without a doubt the body appreciates them, but those who want to consume them in order to lose weight, will not necessarily achieve their goal thanks to its consumption. They are not the magic formula.

In this sense, the doctor affirms that they do not necessarily lose weight. “What happens is that they are vegetables rich in water and with a certain diuretic effect, with which the weight that can be lost is water and perhaps in the long term you lose water as long as you choose a shake of these over a donut.”

It is also to take into account that if you decide to replace breakfast with a smoothie, you will probably be hungry by midmorning and eat more. “It’s a matter of getting to know how your body works. We are all different and hunger is dynamic. And we are not yet used to that idea. We think that hunger is always the same … But the truth is that you will feel more hungry the morning after having a soup for dinner instead of a banquet. Or you will be hungrier on a busy day than a day on the couch watching series ”.

These shakes or smoothies should be prepared without sugar and preferably with a single fruit at a time, very well washed and be ingested immediately to avoid the oxidation of vitamin C. In addition, adding additional vitamins or collagen as recommended by the youngest of the Kardashian clan does not represent an additional value. In this sense, De Jongh comments that collagen, like all protein, provides 4 kilocalories per gram. “In other words, a teaspoon will be equivalent to 20 Kcal that will benefit hair and nails a little, and it does not improve skin, so they are extra sometimes unnecessary. If you eat a balanced and sufficient diet, you do not need the extra vitamins and the body excretes them. So acquiring these products without medical recommendation would also be an unnecessary expense ”.

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