Leanbean Review – Best Weight Loss Supplement for Women?

Every woman who desires to gain the perfect body craves for a plate of meal that is nutritious and yet low in calories. Sadly though, they may never satiate their taste buds with most of the popular diet plans. 

Is your weight loss journey proving to be more of a punishment than beneficial? Take heart, because you are not alone in this race. While 45 million Americans go on a diet every year, a study says that the results of these diets fade away within a year. That’s millions of dollars spent in vain!

It is blatantly clear that diet plans don’t work on stubborn belly fat. Kickstarting your metabolism and suppressing your appetite holds the key to cutting that flab and sculpting your figure. A fat burner supplement will help you lose excessive weight faster.  

Leanbean is one such natural dietary supplement specifically tailored for women to help them lose excess body fat effectively. This mix of 11 exotic plant-based ingredients claims to attack your body fat in 3 ways – speed up your metabolism, control cravings, and maintain high energy levels throughout the day.

If you always wished for a toned and agile body, what Leanbean promises may sound quite enticing. But is this supplement that great in reality? We’ll help you find out. 

Through this review, we look at the benefits, ingredients, and scientific proof behind the formula. So, let’s get started! 

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Leanbean Reviews: Brand Overview 

Leanbean is introduced as a revolutionary fat burner for women. As a dietary supplement, this formula contains 100% natural ingredients that are proportionately blended to speed up your metabolism. The manufacturers claim that their product is all women need to achieve their lean bean dream.  

Obesity is categorized as an epidemic in the US and data says that women have a higher percentage than men. The University of Copenhagen conducted an 8 weeks study on overweight men and women. The researchers concluded that both genders respond differently to weight loss measures. 

The makers of Leanbean understand this scientifically proven fact and that’s the reason they offer a tailored weight loss supplement for women that really works. With regular intake of these pills and exercise, women can get a fit physique, toned muscles, and a flat belly. 

It is needless for us to say that Leanbean is no magic elixir that can miraculously make your stubborn belly fat disappear. As powerful as the ingredients are, you need to give this formula a few weeks’ time to show results. Supercharged metabolism and curb cravings work together to tone your body into a healthy shape. 

What’s more impressive is that Leanbean is suitable for women following a vegan or gluten-free diet. It contains no chemical or illegal ingredients that may have an adverse effect. 

To give their customers the finest supplement, Leanbean sources only organic and purest ingredients. The capsules are manufactured at an FDA approved facility, following the safety guidelines. 

Leanbean is a professionally created fat burner that can harness the medicinal properties of some of the choicest natural ingredients to help you turn your overweight body into a toned and sexy one. 

Pros and Cons of Leanbean 


  • Includes organic and exotic ingredients 
  • The herbal extracts are known for their fat burning capacity
  • Designed specifically for women
  • Leanbean is vegan-friendly 
  • Trusted by popular sports personalities 
  • 90 days money-back guarantee 
  • No adverse side effects have been reported 


  • Only available on the official website 
  • Only Works when the recommended dosage is followed religiously. 

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How does Leanbean Work?

An extensive study published in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine states that there are gender-related differences in food cravings and weight gain. Leanbean reiterates this fact and thus is formulated to specifically burn fat in women. 

The unique formula contains 11 powerful natural fat burners and appetite suppressants. Leanbean attacks your body fat in 3 specific ways to offer comprehensive results. 

Here are those 3 key focus areas. 

  • Supercharges Metabolism: If you have a slow metabolism, you may end up burning lesser calories daily. Leanbean is packed with strong thermogenic ingredients like turmeric that trigger your metabolism in a safe manner. By increasing your body’s core temperature, stubborn fat around your belly and hips is turned into much-needed energy. 
  • Suppresses Appetite: If you have ever been on a diet, you would have noticed a spike in your sugar cravings. Specific natural ingredients in Leanbean successfully curb your craving for extra calories and thus accelerate the fat burning process. Ingredients like Glucomannan and Garcinia Cambogia have proven to be effective in reducing cravings, suppressing appetite, and keep you feeling fuller for a longer time. 
  • Elevates Energy: The last thing you want your fat burner supplement to do is to leave you tired and drained out on a busy day. Leanbean contains vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that never let your energy levels dip. Be it at the gym, workplace, or at home managing your family, Leanbean ensures that you never feel fatigued. This easy to digest supplement can boost your endurance and performance many folds. 

What Goes Inside Leanbean – Ingredients

The official website of Leanbean lists all the 11 exotic and organic ingredients that make Leanbean. Let us take a brief look at them. 

Konjac or Glucomannan is an Asian herb rich in dietary fiber. Quite popular in alternative medicine, Konjac is hailed for its several health benefits. Researchers have concluded that this soluble fiber can be highly beneficial in weight reduction. The extract from this root is also used to balance blood sugar, reduce cholesterol, and ease constipation in adults. 

Choline is an essential nutrient in our body required to regulate blood circulation and transportation of fats. It is specifically used to treat liver disease, high cholesterol, and depression. Adequate intake of Choline is required for optimal health. Nutrition experts at Leanbean say that the inclusion of Choline in their formula helps speed up metabolism.

Chromium Picolinate is a trace mineral believed to be helpful in several body functions. While our intestine poorly absorbs Chromium, the absorption of Chromium Picolinate is much better. Along with enhancing micronutrient metabolism and maintaining blood sugar levels, this ingredient helps in weight reduction too. 

Deficiency of vitamin B may have adverse effects on your body weight. A study suggests that a healthy dose of vitamin B complex can speed up metabolism and reduce body weight. Adequate vitamin B6 and B12 can enhance your energy levels, reduce fatigue, and give you a healthy body.

For a hydrated and healthy body, we need electrolytes. Chloride along with other electrolytes in our body can regulate better digestion and thus play a role in weight loss

Leanbean supplies the appropriate quantity of zinc to your body which aids in improving your immunity. Researchers say that a healthy intake of zinc can help reduce body weight, waist, and hip circumference. By balancing the metabolism of carbohydrates and fatty acids, zinc can help you keep body fat under control and aid muscle building. 

Very rarely do we see coffee beans in green color which is packed with antioxidants. Studies seem to indicate that green coffee beans extract can significantly decrease the percentage of body fat. A small trace of natural caffeine is also extracted from these beans which help in keeping you energized all day long. 

Curcumin, an active compound found in turmeric is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. What most people don’t know is that this root herb is a healthy alternative to other metabolism boosters. Researchers conclude that regular intake of curcumin can heal metabolism syndrome and supercharge your weight loss process

Also popularly known as Malabar Tamarind, this tropical fruit contains a high amount of hydroxy citric acid (HCA) that is helpful in weight management. Leanbean provides a generous dose of this extract which not only fastens fat burning but also helps you retain a youthful glow. 

Here is a Brazilian ‘super fruit’ that is popularly consumed for overall well-being. These antioxidant-rich berries neutralize free radicals in your body that may lead to chronic diseases. More interestingly, the extract from acai berry prevents cholesterol from being absorbed by your body. 

The distinct peppery taste in black pepper comes from piperine. This bioactive compound in Leanbean plays a vital role in boosting the absorption of other nutrients like curcumin present in the supplement. 

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How Can Leanbean Benefit You?

Leanbean as a weight loss formula is loaded with highly beneficial ingredients. The brand owners claim that their product is more effective because these ingredients work in tandem with each other to burn belly fat faster. 

What benefits does this dietary supplement offer? Let’s find out. 

  • Kick starts your metabolism to burn stubborn body fat: If you have been caught in the cycle of trying fake diets only to be disappointed, there are chances that your metabolism is slow. Leanbean is specifically designed to kickstart metabolism in women that directly target stubborn body fat. Some of the most effective natural fat burners present in Leanbean make it happen.
  • Consists of the finest ingredients: The experts at Leanbean have handpicked 11 of the most effective, researched, and pure herbal ingredients to give you the best results. Just the right amount of each ingredient ensures that your body gets leaner, healthier, and sexier the right way. 
  • Can Keep you feeling full: Exotic herb extracts, vitamins, and minerals found in Leanbean formula are trusted appetite suppressants. Regular dosage never allows your body to get the sugar cravings at odd times. Instead, you feel fuller and content between meals. 
  • Helps Maintain high energy levels: rigorous dieting may leave you tired and disoriented. Leanbean on the other hand works on transforming excess body fat into energy to keep you going all day long. Even while your calorie intake is suppressed, the ingredients pump in sufficient energy to keep you active. 
  • Easy to take: Users are advised to take 2 pills of Leanbean, thrice a day. By spreading out the dosage, it is ensured that the supplement is working on your body fat throughout the day, even while you are sleeping. Result, faster, and more substantial weight loss without making you weak. 
  • Gives you the well-toned body you desire: Leanbean works on toning your arms, legs, and belly. Within weeks, you will find your muscles becoming firm and sculpted. This supplement might turn your overweight body into a bikini body that you always desired.

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How much does Leanbean Cost and Where to Buy?

Now you can purchase Leanbean capsules directly from their official website. Here are the different packages that you can choose from. 

  • 1 month supply ( plus free home workout guide) – $39 
  • 2 months supply ( plus free home workout guide and free shipping in the US and UK) – $78
  • The bikini body bundle – $117

( includes 4 bottles of Leanbean, free home workout guide, and free global shipping) 

Leanbean confidently backs its fat burning formula. Users are offered a 90 days money-back guarantee where they can return the bottles if they are not satisfied with the results. 

⇒ Visit Official Website of Leanbean for best discount

In Conclusion – Should You Go For Leanbean?

We must say that Leanbean fat burner is the result of some quality research. The manufacturers have gone an extra mile in finding some of the best fat burners that nature has to offer. 

As the formula is specifically designed for women, it seems to be more effective than generic weight-loss supplements. After considering several user reviews and our own analysis, we can safely conclude that Leanbean has some great potential. 

As impressive as it may sound, Leanbean may take weeks to show results based on your body type. Taking 6 capsules per day may become taxing at times and a few doses can easily be missed. 

For women who are looking for a result-oriented natural fat burner, Leanbean ticks most of the boxes. This supplement could be the game changer you were looking for to give you a fitter, leaner and sexy physique. 


How should I take Leanbean? 

The makers of Leanbean have simplified the dosage of their supplement for everyone to follow. The prescribed dosage of 2 pills with water, 3 times a day, that is a total of 6 capsules a day.

You can schedule the consumption before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One can try out different timings as well. The core idea is to spread the dose of Leanbean throughout the day to enjoy maximum benefits. 

What happens if you miss a dose? 

Absolutely nothing. If you happen to forget to take a dose of this supplement, it will cause you no harm. You can simply skip that dose and take your remaining doses as planned. 

It is not a good idea to increase the number of pills if you happen to miss a dose. Your body is incapable of absorbing additional nutrients and thus taking extra pills is not useful in any way. 

Is Leanbean legit?

Leanbean is a natural dietary weight loss formula that is free from harmful chemicals, banned substances, or stimulants. The plant-based ingredients are carefully sourced from responsible suppliers. 

The formula is genuine as it is tested by third-party labs. What’s more, the pills are manufactured at an FDA approved facility, keeping all the safety guidelines in mind. 

Does Leanbean have any side effects? 

For those of you who are stressed about the side effects of dietary supplements, Leanbean testimonials might be very reassuring. Thousands of users have not reported any adverse side effects. 

The thermogenic ingredients and suppressants used in Leanbean are a healthier and safer choice, compared to other popular ingredients. What’s more, the formula is vegetarian and vegan friendly. 

But if you are allergic to certain foods or having a certain chronic ailment, always seek the advice of your doctor before taking Leanbean pills. 


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