Lockdown weight loss: ” I had a cup of turmeric water before breakfast”

My breakfast: Before having breakfast, I had a cup of turmeric water, which is usually raw turmeric boiled in water. It also helped me beat acne issues and give me clear skin.

After this, I used to have my main meal, which was yoghurt/milk with granola with a fruit apple or banana. I used to switch it up with toasted multigrain bread with some sauteed vegetables.

P.S.- I baked my own granola at home so I knew it was all healthy.

My lunch: I used to take my lunch at around 1 in the afternoon. I feel it’s really important to time your meals well. I usually ate one of two multigrain chapatis with homemade subzi.

I preferred having seasonal veggies and avoided potatoes and rice. With my meals, I always had some curd of lassi and one serving of salad/kachumber.

Sometime after my lunch, I would drink a cup of green tea, which helped with digestion. And, one thing I always do after having my food is to sit in ‘vajrasana’, which smoothes digestion and improves body posture.

My dinner: Now this was the only meal I really skipped. By skipped, I mean I usually had some dry fruits with black coffee or chana salad during evening snack time. And, if I was ever hungry, I just ate something like a bowl of dalia before 6 pm and this was very rare.

Pre-workout meal: I begin my workouts in the morning empty stomach, but sometimes, I just have one cup of black coffee.

Post-workout meal: One glass of warm water with a little bit of lemon juice, followed by breakfast.

I indulge in (What you eat on your cheat days): Well, I am a big foodie and love eating everything-from aloo puri, pizza, burgers. Maggi was my comfort food. But now, I avoid having them altogether. Sometimes, I can’t believe that I have gone without having these for so long. I only make exceptions on festivals, but then I compensate by working out twice as hard.

My workout: My workout included 30 minutes of cardio, which I later switched it up with morning walk, which was a nice warmup move. Later, I used to follow it up with 30 minutes of abs and legs moves.

On days I felt tired, I used to do yoga or pilates.

Also, I love dancing, so I try to dance every day for 20-30 minutes every evening.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Oats and vermicelli pulao or jhalmuri.

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