Looking to change up your breakfast? These oatmeal recipes are the best

Make your oatmeals tasty yet pleasing to the eye with these easy recipes to kickstart your morning.

Waking up for breakfast on the weekends can be a treat to some but what about making your own breakfast at home on your day off? Whether it’s by indulging in a buttery-crunchy croissant, whipping up a bowl of creamy scrambled eggs or enjoying the best parathas, idles or dosas, there are various ways to enjoy your breakfast in the comfort of your home. But have you thought about the hearty goodness of enjoying a bowl of oatmeal in the morning? While oatmeals are slowly becoming a popular food item amongst the fitness community, you can’t help noticing the various ways of enjoying it from your favourite fitness trainers and food bloggers online.

But what’s so special about oatmeal? People would say it’s a dietary choice, their favourite go-to meal to start the day, or simply childhood familiarity. Some may also say it’s not their ideal choice of healthy grains but there are those who idolise it as their go-to meals. The great thing about these grains is that you don’t always have to settle by prepping just oatmeal – there are multiple recipes out there to create tasty snacks with it too.

But first, here’s what you need to know about oats. So, scroll down and have a read.

The benefits:

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If you’re still in doubt of switching up your breakfast routine with oatmeal, here’s what you need to know. Not only does it help lower down your cholesterol, but it also stabilises your blood glucose level and helps with digestion. While there are many other benefits to explore, the most important is how packed it is with vitamins and minerals that your body needs from magnesium, zinc, iron and so much more. An added plus is that it’s also gluten-free and helps with weight-loss. 

Pick your oats:

There are three types of oats to choose from: steel-cut oats, rolled oats, and of course, instant. While rolled and instant oats are the preferred choices, steel-cut oats are actually the healthiest out of the bunch. It’s less processed to give healthy nutrients with a chewier texture – most would use steel-cut oats in savoury soup dishes.

Rolled oats are whole grains that are steamed and then pressed with steel rollers. Why people would opt for rolled oats is due to their soft texture and creamier base as it absorbs easily. This is a popular choice to pair with your regular oatmeal, oat cookies and overnight oats recipes.

If you’ve used instant oatmeal before, don’t be guilty about it — we all did at some point. It cooks faster and is pretty straight forward to make, although it’s only healthier if you picked an unsweetened option if you still want the nutrients in your body.

Spice up your oats: 


From sweet to savoury oats, here’s a guide for you to ace a good oatmeal dish. You’ll also learn how to prep it in various ways to your liking, whether with milk or water. We have our eye on the savoury oatmeal with eggs and spinach.


You can never go wrong with overnight oats, especially on days you have a hectic schedule. All you need is to spare some time the night before to prep your oats and enjoy it the next morning. Here are a few recipes you can enjoy and switch up every week.


Lastly, here’s something trendy to try: baked oatmeal. Yes, you read that right. Consider this a fancier upgrade to your regular oatmeal recipes to impress your partner on the weekends. Call it a filling breakfast or a sweet dessert, be sure to check it out and tell us you’re not drooling over the chocolatey goodness already.

Keep in mind that oatmeal doesn’t always have to be bland, pale and boring. Amp it up with your favourite fruits and spreads as toppings with cacao/protein powder of choice to make your mornings every single time.

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