Low-Fat Recipes: 8 Healthy Dinners You Can Cook In 30 Minutes


  • Low fat recipes may not always be bland
  • Soya is very high in protein
  • Paneer is a very versatile ingredient

Putting all your thought and effort in your breakfast can be an utter waste if you go back to bingeing salty, fried and high-calorie foods during the night. A low-fat diet requires dedication, but it should not be a daunting affair. To follow a low-fat diet, you need to keep a combination of factors in mind, you cannot just casually rule out major food groups, and foods that are seemingly ‘high’ in calories. You need to keep in mind that the foods you incorporate are nutritious and wholesome too.

You would be surprised to know that there is so much that you can prepare keeping in mind the dietary limitations and that too under 30 minutes. Don’t believe us, we have curated a list of eight such recipes. Here you go.

 Low-Fat Recipes: 8 Healthy Dinners You Can Cook In 30 Minutes

1. Soya Uttapams
Uttapam fans, raise your hands! Uttapam is a savoury pancake-like dish hailing from South India. It is traditionally made with a  rice batter, but in this healthier version, a high protein soya batter is used. It is instant, loaded and super scrummy. Click here for the recipe.

2. Chicken Salad
Chicken, mayonnaise, cabbage, chilli sauce, lettuce leaves and spring onions come together to make this yummy medley. You can make your mayonnaise at home too with this recipe. For chicken salad recipe, click here. 


Chicken is high in protein

3. Sauteed Broccoli And Almonds
Craving something crunchy and flavourful? If you are a fan of broccoli, you should definitely try this 5-ingredient, low-carb, low-cal salad. Here’s the full recipe.

4. Tomato Paneer
A toothsome concoction of cottage cheese, tomato puree, a pinch of sugar and mild spices. This low-fat recipe is a blockbuster. Click here for the full recipe.


A soothing tomato curry for your quick cravings

5. Oats Khichdi
This thick and luscious recipe is replete with protein as oats replace rice in this desi classic. With the goodness of oats and dal, this khichdi is an excellent addition you could make to your diet. For the step-by-step recipe of oats khichdi, click here.


Oats khichdi is packed with protein
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6. Cheera Thoran
A delicious stir-fry hailing from Kerala made with the goodness of spinach, coconut and mild spices. And you thought greens were always meant to be boring and bland? Click here for the full recipe

7. Stuffed Lauki
No, don’t you shrink your nose just as yet. This recipe will definitely change the way you have looked at this gourd vegetable so far. Blanched bottle-gourd hollowed out and stuffed with a  tantalizing mix of onion, tomatoes green chillies and more- this quick and yummy recipe is a blockbuster. Click here for the full recipe.

8. Avial (Without Oil)
South India’s famous mixed-veg delicacy is a common feature in sadya. This delish variant is made without oil and all our favourite veggies like raw bananas, drumstick, pumpkin and beans. Here’s the full recipe of Avial. 



South India’s famous mixed-veg delicacy is a common feature in sadya.

Try these recipes at home for a healthy dinner meal. If made in smaller portions, the preparation time could be further reduced. But that does not mean you rush through it. You can cut back on a few ingredients like cream, oil, mayonnaise for a more diet-friendly fare.

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