McDonald’s Is Adding The Most Insane Item To Its Menu–WHAT Is Happening!

McDonald’s just launched its first spicy dessert in China!

The bizarre menu item–Youpo Lazi Sundae–is an ice cream sundae topped with chili oil. Raise your hand if you think that actually sounds amazing.

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The vanilla soft serve with hot, chili-infused topping sounds like the stuff of pregnancy dreams.

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If you recall, McDonald’s released the Spam Oreo Burger earlier this month, and is clearly on a tear for surprising menu additions in 2021.

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The mouth-watering dessert, which initially popped up on a Twitter thread, is inspired by the Shaanxi Province’s signature spicy youpo noodles.

Adding spicy oil to ice cream was a viral food trend back in 2018, according to Food & Wine. The combination started in the Chinese cities of Chongqing and Chengdu, the food magazine cited.

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Sadly, the special sundae was only available at select locations for one day only. But here’s hoping that it will make its way onto U.S. menu!

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