Meet the men who got lean in the last lockdown – and find out what you can learn from them

Warner suggests that men looking to lose weight and get in shape should adhere to a few fundamental fitness facts when setting out their 2021 fitness resolutions.

“Most men start the New Year with the best intentions to lose weight and get in shape, but they try to do it by guesswork or trial and error, instead of following a simple, smart and sustainable exercise and eating plan. It means almost all of them give up as soon as they don’t immediately see the results they hoped for.

“The only way to lose weight fast and, crucially, forever, is to find the right plan for your goals and then follow it. Then you’ll find that losing weight is not only far easier than you’d thought, but also an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience.”

Lloyd is one of a number of dads and fathers-to-be who have used the previous lockdowns as a time and motivation to boost their physical fitness and overhaul their diet. 

Harry Gray, 40, from Fife in Scotland, lost more than two stone (12kg) in just eight weeks, and he did it all while still having takeaways. “I got a big wake-up call during the first lockdown,” explains Gray. “A couple of my friends were challenging each other to complete a number of steps each day. Figures of 20k+ were being touted, but a quick look at my own step count on my phone showed I was under 1,000.”

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