Momos To Pulao: 5 Delicious Veg Recipes For Ketogenic Diet

Across the world, the Keto diet is fast becoming one of the most preferred dietary trends to follow if one is looking to lose weight. The Ketogenic diet focuses on food that is high in fat content and limits carbohydrate consumption to 20-50 grams a day. This facilitates the production of ketones in the body, which, in turn, promotes weight loss. However, there is a common assumption that Keto is far easier for non-vegetarians to pull off and that vegetarians only have limited options to choose from. Well, we are here to bust that myth with five recipes that you can recreate and add to your list of delicious Keto dishes that are vegetarian.

Here Are 5 Delicious Vegetarian Recipes For Ketogenic Diet: 

1. Desi-Style Keto Paneer Roll

Paneer is the go-to vegetarian source of protein when on the Keto diet. You can take complete advantage of this and prepare a lip-smacking Indian street food style roll. Prepare this spicy dish with tandoori masala, paneer cubes, cabbage leaves, pudina chutney and lemon juice. Click here for the full recipe. 

2. Cabbage Pulao

In just about 10-15 minutes, you can have a plate of yummy cabbage pulao that is healthy and keto-friendly. Cooked in ghee, asafoetida, cumin, coriander and more such spices, this tasty dish is easy to prepare and perfect for a quick meal. It serves as a good alternative to your regular pulao that is rich in carbohydrates. Click here for the full recipe. 

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Ketogenic Diet: Try cabbage pulao for a delicious and healthy treat. 

3. Low-Carb Momos

Yes, you read that right. You can happily gobble up a plate full of momos even when on the Keto diet. The low carb momos are made using cabbage, pumpkin, capsicum, French beans and more such low-carb goodies. The dough can be made using desiccated coconut, psyllium husk and salt. These nutritious momos are not popular for nothing. Find the full recipe here

4. Keto Poha

One of the simplest and most popular Indian breakfast options has to be poha. Now, you can make it Keto-friendly by replacing the flattened rice with grated cauliflower floret. Cauliflower has essential nutrients like vitamin B, C, K, folate, manganese, potassium which promote bone health and strengthen immunity. So it is a win-win! Find the full recipe here

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Ketogenic Diet: Try this flavourful and delicious Poha for a wholesome meal. 

5. Keto Cheesy Paneer Bhurji

Craving for a street style bhurji while trying to lose weight? Then eat it the Keto-way. You can make this with cheddar, feta or mozzarella cheese. In this low-carb bhurji, you can use grated paneer for better taste. Click here for the full recipe. 

We can’t wait to recreate these recipes. Tell us which Keto-friendly dish tops your ‘must-eat’ list?

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