Mum Puts 11-YO Daughter On Keto Diet, Shares Glimpse Of Her Lunch & Justifies Her Decision

We all know the importance of a healthy, balanced diet, especially for kids in their growing years. However, this mum named Abby has divided the internet on what she gives her 11-year-old daughter for lunch at school.

Going by the username @houseofabby, she shared a video of her daughter’s keto school lunch. “My 11-year-old’s keto and this is what I made her for lunch,” she says as she begins preparing the lunch which includes a lettuce wrap with shredded chicken, cheddar cheese, coriander lime cream sauce, and a hard-boiled egg, Mirror reports.

Mum sparks debate over 11-year-old daughter's keto diet houseofketo House Of Keto
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She also included a side of fruit (mostly berries) and also includes “nice surprise”  for her daughter- some leftover slices of watermelon. She states, “Typically we don’t include watermelon in our regular everyday ketogenic lifestyle” because it contains “more carbs and sugar than we would normally eat. But this nice treat is something she will enjoy.”

Mum sparks debate over 11-year-old daughter's keto diet houseofketo House Of Keto
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She ends the clip by confirming: “Our entire family eats this way, including my five-year-old, our puppies, and my husband.”

In a follow-up video addressing the question of why her daughter is on a keto diet, she says, “If your child is not on a diet, what is wrong with you? We have to feed our kids, I know they want to eat all the time but we literally have to feed them – your child has to be on a diet. A diet is just food or drink that you consistently consume – habitual nourishment. A diet is not synonymous with weight-loss, a diet is not even synonymous with restriction.”

<p>Abby addressed viewers by defining what ‘diet’ means</p>
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She ended the clip by saying: “We never use the word ‘diet’ in our videos.”

Do you think children should be put on such a diet? Tell us.

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