Mum who ate McDonald’s daily celebrates 11st weight loss – and pals don’t recognise her

A fast food loving mum shed 11st after giving up her beloved takeaways.

Kellie Jones, from Liverpool, used to eat KFC or McDonald’s on a daily basis.

And as a result of her unhealthy diet, she ballooned to size 22 and tipped the scales at 21st at her heaviest.

The mum decided to overhaul her lifestyle after giving birth to her son back in 2010.

She’s since slimmed down to a size eight to 10 and weighs 9st 10lb.

Kellie has shared her story with the ECHO to encourage others who have embarked on weight loss journeys.

Kellie before she embarked on her weight loss journey

Kellie said: “My little boy will be eleven in July, I’ve done it mainly for him because I didn’t want to be a fat overweight mum.

“I didn’t want to be struggling running around after him. I was struggling to even go up and down the stairs which is just unhealthy.

“I used to eat takeaways and junk food, I would go to Maccies or KFC everyday.

“I would eat crisps, chocolate and food on the go but I knew I had to change my life and the way I was.

“Once I had my son I thought I can’t do this anymore, I need to be fit and healthy for my son and to be here to watch him grow up.”

Kellie looks happier and healthier after shedding 11 stone

A year after giving birth Kellie in 2011 Kellie joined Weight Watchers and in the space of a few years she managed to lose four stone.

However, determined to carry on dieting independently, she joined a gym and continued to lose weight.

The national lockdown scuppered her fitness plans but size 12/14 Kellie was determined to carry on with her hard work.

After doing some research following a recommendation from a friend, she decided to start intermittent fasting, which she’s found beneficial.

This means she only eats between 12-6pm everyday and once a week she does a 24 hour fast during which she only drinks water.

What Kellie would eat in a typical day before she lost weight

  • Breakfast – two pieces of cheese on toast, bacon and sausages
  • Mid-morning snack – packet of crisps and a bar of chocolate
  • Lunch – burger and cheesy chips
  • Dinner – McDonald’s or a chippy tea
  • Snacks – 4/5 packets of crisps

What Kellie eats in a typical day now

Kellie does intermittent fasting between 6pm-12pm each day

  • Late breakfast at 12pm – fruit such as strawberries and raspberries with Greek yogurt and protein powder
  • Lunch – A chicken salad wrap with couscous
  • Mid-afternoon snack – protein shake
  • Dinner – Chicken and chorizo in a tomato sauce with broccoli and rice

Kellie has shed an impressive 11st in total and hopes to become a personal trainer to inspire others.

She added: “I feel a lot more confident in myself and I feel like I can help people a lot more because of the amount of weight I’ve lost.

“I try to guide people with what I’ve learnt and I’m currently looking to be a personal trainer.

“You’ve got to be in the right frame of mind, if you’re not your wasting your own time. You need to set yourself realistic targets – don’t go out and say I’m going to lose three stone by the end of this month because it’s not going to happen.

“You can have what you want and you can have nice food as long as you’re within certain calories and you’re in a calorie deficit.

“A lot of people say they don’t recognise me when they see me and they actually walk past me.”

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