Mum who lived on Greggs can now hug her daughter properly after 6st weight loss

A mum who struggled to hug her daughter properly has now been able to – thanks to her incredible weight loss journey.

Carla Ford, 33, from Scotland, tipped the scales at 16st after years of gorging on Greggs sausage rolls, biscuits and vanilla lattes.

It all happened when the mum-of-three went for a GP check up when she found out she was on track to developing type-2 diabetes.

The trainee midwife was devastated and prescribed anti-depressants to help her cope with the health scare.

Four months later, Carla decided to lose weight and switched to a low carbohydrate keto diet which saw her cut out bread and sugar.

Now after making the transition, the mum was able to shift 6st in weight – and be able to hug her daughter properly.

Carla Ford before and after her weight loss journey
The mum lost 6st after her health scare

She said: “I feel so much better for it. I’ve tried so many diets over the years and seen my weight yo-yo but nothing has actually stuck.

“This has and I’ve never felt better mentally or physically.”

In six months, Carla dropped four dress sizes and reversed her path to diabetes which reduced her symptoms of PCOS.

Since her remarkable transformation, daughter Florence was able to wrap her arms around her mum for the first time.

She detailed: “It’s things like that which I never would have realised before but are obviously impacting her.”

Carla’s habit of binge eating began after becoming a mum while juggling a part-time job and college to train to become a midwife.

Carla Ford before and after her weight loss journey
She feels so much more comfortable since her transformation

She added: “I was always brushing my weight under the carpet.

“Truth be told I was so unhappy with how I looked. I would be in tears with how I let myself get.

“So much so that I used to wash my hair twice a day to make sure it looked nice because that was the only thing I could instantly fix.

“Now I feel so good I’ll be lucky to wash my hair twice a week! I was just binge eating due to the stresses of everyday life.

“I had no time for me but when it was midway through the lockdown I thought ‘if I don’t do something now it’ll never change’.”

Carla Ford after her weight loss journey
Carla shares her weight loss journey on Instagram

Carla also began walking more before signing up to a gym and getting a personal trainer, which helped her shed 5st.

But she claims her weight loss helped with her symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome.

She explained: “After a few months I noticed I was losing all the symptoms of my PCOS.

“The horrendous skin cleared up along with the excess facial hair and the feeling of being constantly hungry had also reduced.”

Now since her weight loss, Carla has been able to fulfil her dreams of becoming a midwife which she is training for.

Carla Ford after her weight loss journey
The mum is now able to hug her six-year-old daughter

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She believes the keto diet “saved her life” and insisted she’d never go back to her old lifestyle.

Carla concluded: “There has been a lot on keto recently, saying that’s it’s unhealthy but for me it’s genuinely saved my life.

“I won’t ever go back to eating the way I did before now that I know what works for my body.

“I hope to inspire others and hopefully help motivate someone else who might be feeling how I was out of their depth and helpless.”

The mum tracks her fitness and eating regime on Instagram where she has over 5,900 followers.

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