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An inspirational mum has shared her jaw-dropping Christmas weight loss transformation photos taken a whopping 16st apart.

Mum-of-three Rikky-Leigh Johnson said her self-esteem had reached an all-time low in December 2016 when she saw how she looked in her Christmas photographs.

The 26-year old from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, was at her heaviest weight of 28st [179kg] while her wardrobe was full of unflattering size 26 clothes.

But after turning her life around, getting into shape and ditching her junk food habit, the amazing mum managed to drop an astonishing 16st 3lbs [103kg] and six dress sizes.

Now in this year’s Christmas photos, Rikky-Leigh – who is engaged to fiance Brandon, 28, looks unrecognisable in her slimmed down 11st 9lbs [76kg], size 10-12 figure.

The Australian’s confidence hit an all-time low when she saw a picture of herself in 2016

The photographer, who is mum to Libby, six , Ryder, four, and Skylah, two, said: “It is crazy to compare these two Christmas photos side by side.

“I look completely different. I feel so much happier and healthier.

“I gained weight after being in a bad relationship where food was my only comfort.

“I was not active at all during this time, and eventually I put on so much weight that I hardly recognised myself.

“I would binge on chocolates, chips, lollies and anything deep-fried.

“It finally got to a point where I decided enough was enough.

She binged on chocolates, chips and lollies after a bad relationship

She has now slimmed down to 11st 9lbs

“Deciding to lose weight was the best decision I ever made.”

In 2017, Rikky-Leigh completely overhauled her diet – swapping her sugar-loaded and deep-fried binges for healthy high protein and veggie-packed meals.

The mum also joined a gym and began working with a personal trainer to help get into shape and slim down

In a year, the inspirational mum had dropped a whopping 14st 9lbs [93kg] and was feeling stronger, both physically and mentally, than ever before – and has now lost another 1st 8lbs [10kg], bringing her total weight loss to 16st 3lbs [103kg].

She said: “I hated being overweight. There was constant judgment from strangers, I was always sweating and never fit into any nice clothes.

“The worst thing was not being able to run around with my kids. I’d be out of breath just from picking them up.

The inspirational mum joined a gym to get in shape

Before her weight loss she could not run around with her kids

“It broke my heart when I’d see their faces drop when I couldn’t keep up with them.

“Once I turned my diet around and started working out, I was feeling so much better.

“I busted my guts to get where I am and I’m so proud of myself.

“There was no magic tricks, just hard work and all natural weight loss.

“Now I have so much energy and I can run and play with my kids. It’s incredible.”

The incredible mum is now sharing her story to inspire others for the New Years – and show it is possible to turn your life around and have a happier and healthier future.

She said: “I want to share my story to show others that there is hope.

She is now sharing her story to show others that there is hope

“Deciding to change my diet and exercise has saved my life.

“I don’t even recognise the person I was before.

“If I can lose weight and change my life, anyone can. I am so excited for the future.”

Rikky-Leigh’s diet before her weight loss journey 

Breakfast: Fruit loops, four pieces of toast and big cup of Milo

Mid-morning Snack: Chocolate and lollies.

Lunch: Something deep fried such as dim sims or hot chips

Afternoon snack: Chips and chocolate

Dinner: Deep-fried takeaway food

Dessert: Ice cream or milkshakes

Rikky-Leigh’s weight loss diet

Breakfast: Boiled eggs and avocado on toast

Mid-morning Snack: Yogurt and a muesli bar

Lunch: Sandwich or wrap with lean meat or chicken

Afternoon snack: Crackers with eggs, avocado or light cheese

Dinner: Chicken and rice or steamed veggies with lean meat

Dessert: Cup of tea before bed

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