‘My 600-lb Life’: Shannon Lowery Weight Loss Update

My 600-lb Life star Shannon Lowery shares a heartbreaking journey with fans to start a healing project. She explains how she got as big as she did and where she plans to go.

My 600-lb Life: Shannon Lowery is a Heavy Lady

My 600-lb Life personality Shannon Lowery is showing the world she can take on the task of dropping 500 pounds. She weighs 739 pounds and seems only to be growing. Her husband, Simon Johnson, is her caretaker and enabler. While she says she is ready to take on losing weight, she can’t seem even to get started. She says this is because when she finally was trying to COVID-19 sent everyone into quarantine.

Dr. Younan Nowzaradan says this is just an excuse. If she wanted to lose weight in the seven months she was trapped indoors between appointments, she would have. After all, he gave her a diet and exercise plan he made catering for people her size. He says that this is not a game, and it’s a matter of life and death. At any point, her body could just give up due to its massive size.

My 600-lb Life: Shannon Lowery

A Hard Life, For She

My 600-lb Life featured Shannon Lowery, a woman who has had her fair share of tough times. After being born, her mother left her in the hospital. And when her father divorced her step-mom, the only motherly figure she’s ever had, and things went downward. She had to stay with her dad as an only child. Since he didn’t keep food in the house, she would just eat what he has from work. He worked in fast food, so taking a guess where her love of food came from wasn’t hard.

Once she was an adult, she was kicked out of many places. She gave up on trying to live indoors when an incident with her mom’s husband landed her with a gun in her face, Luckily she survived. But when she realized she had nowhere to go, she tried to end it all in a parking lot with the help of some pills. She was then hospitalized and helped back on the right track.

My 600-lb Life: Shannon Lowery

My 600-lb Life: How Far Has Shannon Taken Her Weight Loss

Shannon Lowery from My 600-lb Life is trying to make strides in her weight loss. Before when she entered Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s office, she couldn’t even fit on the scale made for people super overweight. On her most recent visit, she did fit on the scale and even had plans to move down to Huston, Texas, to be closer for help.

She has really put in the work with a personal trainer. While she only went down to 698 pounds, she knows she is doing better. She says her stamina is up, and she can only lose weight from there.

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