‘My 600-lb Life’: Steve Assanti Has Big Weight Gain – His Reason Why

My 600-lb Life superstar Steven Assanti is showing off all of the weight that he’s gaining after admitting that he’s reversed his gastric bypass surgery. While he isn’t revealing exactly how much he’s gained, it’s clear that he’s put on a lot by the recent shirtless pictures he’s sharing of himself.

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti’s Food & Drug Problem

My 600-lb Life headliner Steven Assanti had his weight loss journey broken down into two episodes. Steven, along with his brother Justin Assanti, both weighed over 600 pounds. While these brothers struggled with their size, they’re often arguing with one another.

However, Justin finally draws the line with his brother after he receives his surgery. Justin Assanti put in enough effort to lose weight before Steven does. So, he works with Dr. Nowzaradan to get his surgery done first. But, Steven ends up stealing Justin’s pain pills and abusing them.

After this, Dr. Nowzaradan refuses to treat Steven Assanti until he checks himself into a drug rehabilitation program. Yet, Steven finally buckles down enough to get the operation he needs to save his life. But, he’s stayed quiet over the past few years, away from the attention of My 600-lb Life fans.

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti

TLC Personality Desperate Attempts for Attention

The My 600-lb Life episode star always is working to get attention. Now, he’s coming out and trying to interact with his “haters” again. One way he’s trying to draw attention to himself is by picking his nose on camera. But, that’s not all that he’s doing to bring on the comments.

Instead, he’s also resorting to eating his boogers in front of people. In addition, he’s making strange videos about himself, yelling at somebody. He keeps going off on the people who are watching his video content. But, that’s not all he’s doing to try to bring his name to fame.

Steven is singing and dancing around, while he’s shirtless. It’s making it easy for individuals to notice his large gut that’s swinging around.

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti

My 600-lb Life: After Surgery, Steven Assanti Gains Weight

My 600-lb Life personality Steven’s talking about how he’s reversed his gastric bypass. But, he says he’s looking into other options available to try to get another surgery to shrink his stomach. However, he’s often drinking large bottles and cans of “pop”. Also, his soda drinking problem is what he’s blaming for as the reason behind his teeth falling out.

Now, Steven has started taking off his clothes while singing some of his favorite songs. He’s doing this as a way for people to donate money to him, to pay his bills. My 600-lb Life celeb Steven will also spit at the camera while he’s singing.

While he’s got his pants up higher on his waist, there’s a lot that’s moving around underneath the fabric. It gives people a clear insight into how much weight My 600-lb Life Steven’s put back on.

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