‘My 600-lb Life’: Steve Assanti Says He’s a ‘Loser’ & Why He’s Toothless

My 600-lb Life superstar Steven Assanti is opening up about why he’s losing teeth and also calling himself a “loser.” In the latest update shared by Steven, he’s talking about his marriage and how he’s failing with his weight loss surgery.

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti Gives Life Update

Steven Assanti, the My 600-lb Life celeb,  is once again breaking his silence. But instead of making comments about his wife Stephanie, he’s now taking the opportunity to give an update on where he’s at in life.

He starts off by thanking people for watching the video that he’s posting. And then, Steven talks about how there are a lot of people who support him by leaving positive comments. But, that there is also a lot of My 600-lb Life fans who leave hate comments about him.

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti

Celeb Admits to Failing Weight Loss Surgery

Next, My 600-lb Life celeb Steven Assanti starts to go off about all of the different problems that are wrong with him. And he’s taking the chance to comment on the hateful things that people say about him.

First, he says that he’s had the surgery. Then, he also admits to dropping a “considerable amount of weight.” But, he admits that he’s failing the “gastric sleeve surgery.” And Steven Assanti says that he’s currently looking to get another type of operation to continue to help him with his weight loss.

The My 600-lb Life star says that he’s looking into getting gastric bypass. Also, he says that this will be a “revision.” Plus, he admits to having “occasional body odor”. But, Steven blames this odiferous occurrence on the size of his body.

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti

My 600-lb Life: Steven Assanti Explains Why He’s Losing Teeth

My 600-lb Life personality Steven Assanti is best known for his explosive personality. And he’s definitely not holding back in this latest life update that he’s sharing with the world.

He says that knows that he doesn’t have teeth. But, he says that this isn’t because he’s been abusing pain medication again. Instead, he’s saying that he’s losing a lot of his teeth because he’s drinking “too much pop.”

However, not every My 600-lb Life fan believes this. Some people are saying Steven’s missing his teeth from “him taking those pills.”

Next, Steven says that he’s a “loser” for most of the time in his life. But, he’s married. And that he really loves his wife. Also, Steven says that his wife really loves him. This celeb goes on to say that he has a whole new family now.

He says that if anyone has anything else negative to say about him, that he doesn’t care about it. And in good Steven fashion, he tells everyone to “go f*** yourself.”

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