OBHealthy Weight Loss App Introduces Self-Care for Diabetes

SOUTH ORANGE, N.J., Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The new OBHealthy Weight Loss App promotes self-care for adults diagnosed with diabetes. It informs those who need to do better at preparing nutritional meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Such self-care facilitates the diabetic struggle to minimize eating sweets, refined carbohydrates, starchy and fatty foods.  

A beneficial aid, the App offers assistance to those with diabetes and underlying conditions like obesity and high blood pressure. Even though the conditions are preventable, people in the U.S. still possess additional risk factors. There also exist a disproportionate number of African Americans who have diabetes, and it leads to potential complications when untreated.  

Dr. Omar Bey, OBHealthy Founder & CEO, sees the bodily damage of diabetes up close. Patients may have complications with eyesight, damage to organs, loss of limbs, or hard to heal wounds. Fortunately, not all cases are severe. The diabetic person who conducts self-care by testing blood sugar level to keep it within target range, along with healthy eating, exercise, and use of the OBHealthy App can possibly avoid these complications.

“We know the App strengthens a person’s initiative and confidence to spend more time caring for oneself,” said Dr. Bey. “That’s extremely important because statistics show people with diabetes are more likely to get Covid-19. In addition, we are noticing an associated increase in morbidity and mortality for people of African descent.”

A nutritional resource, the App doubles efforts to maintain self-care, it helps to reduce unwanted fat and keep weight under control. Once personal data is entered, it displays culture specific meal plans, shopping lists, and the e-book, “Eat One/Half, Make Weight Loss Easy” which is an excellent source of support.

Simply put, the App reveals the goodness of eating fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains, especially foods low in fat and calories, but high in nutritional value and fiber. Exercise videos also draw attention to taking time to walk or stretch. Plus, there is a library of 100+ physician video interviews, information that covers a wide range of health topics.

About OBHealthy Weight Loss

Omar Bey MD, Founder & CEO, created OBHealthy Weight Loss to provide an easy-to-follow, durable plan for people to decrease weight. A trusted, flexible self-care approach, it helps with eliminating unwanted pounds, particularly in cases where extra weight contributes to a condition or medical issue such as diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease.


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