Olive Oil That Could Increase Your Lifespan? Yes, Please!

There’s tons to love about olive oil, which is known as the healthiest fat on earth. It goes with everything from breakfast all the way to after-dinner treats (have you ever tried olive oil cake?!), and has all kinds of benefits for your mind and body. Add in the amazing antioxidant ESS60 and you’ve got MyVitalC, a sort of super-powered olive oil. And right now, you can get 40% off their brand new single shots!

ESS60 in Olive Oil 60 Day Supply – Single Shots, $259.90

Here’s some of the science behind ESS60 and MyVitalC: It’s based on a naturally occurring molecule that was discovered in 1985. (Fun fact – the scientist who did so won the Nobel Prize!) In experiments, the formulation that’s in MyVitalC extended test subjects’ lives by 90% – the most significant longevity result in any mammal, ever. MyVitalC uses the highest purity and solvent-free ESS60, which is always vacuum oven-baked and washed, and combines it with certified organic and Kosher extra virgin olive oil sourced from the finest orchards around the world

MyVitalC ESS60 in Olive Oil Extra Virgin Organic, 120ml, $99.95

So what does this mean for you? In addition to helping increase your longevity, MyVitalC helps you get better sleep at night, which also helps keep your body and mind functioning properly and with energy. Many users also say that it boosts strength as well as cognitive functions like focus and short- and long-term memory. Other benefits include enhanced vision, protection of nerves, and improved joint flexibility and mobility. Take the oil in the morning for optimal effects. We especially love the Single Shots, which come in 60-day and yearly supplies and are perfectly measured out by dose.

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