Orlando Bloom: Actor baffles fans with daily routine – diet includes ‘brain octane oil’

Orlando Bloom shared his daily routine with The Sunday Times which shared the kinds of food he eats each day. The Lord of the Rings star consumes a whole foods, mainly plant-based diet.

Oats have a variety of health benefits as well as improving insulin sensitivity and helping to lower blood sugar levels, according to Healthline.

The website explained: “Not only is porridge a delicious breakfast food – it’s also very filling.

“Eating filling foods may help you eat fewer calories…By delaying the time it takes your stomach to empty of food, the beta-glucan in oatmeal may increase your feeling of fullness.”

The Pirates of the Caribbean star explained that he eats 90 percent plant-based meals and only eats red meat once a month.

Previously, the actor has posted his intense workouts with Jan Kares, who he has referred to as the “world champion of pull-ups”.

Orlando’s regime took social media by storm and it instantly became a trending topic with Twitter users sharing their own morning routines.

One person said: “He’s living his best life the way he wants it.”

Another wrote: “I would actually quite like Orlando Bloom’s morning routine.”

Other’s were left confused with his intense routine.

One person Tweeted: “My routine is very similar…I like toast with butter, and lot’s of it.”

Another said: “I don’t even know what brain octane oil is.”

Orlando’s breakfast isn’t the only meal trending at the moment. Tiktok’s favourite new morning meal is known as ‘Nature’s Cereal’.

It contains pomegranate seeds, coconut water, a handful of blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. 

The 30-second clip has received more than 5.6 million since it was uploaded and even celebrities have been trying it out.

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